Sunday, August 1, 2010

Question and Trust

Such a boring sunday that I have nothing great about my life to blog with. I have plugged in my HIFI system to my lappy but somehow I didn't play any song out. Think I am sick of all the songs that I have and need more time to rearrange iTunes.

Here is my question of the day. Will you wait for your love one to tell you certain things when you in doubt (i mean not even hint your love one that you wanna know about it and let them tell you naturally) or you will just post as a casual question and get the answer?

My answer is A! I choose not to ask at all.... ! hehehe

Get Myself Back

The round sun returns to the blue sea that is spread out in front of my eyes
And the light that rains down from the clear sky cleanses my slightly weary heart

I was always so stubborn
I even lied to myself
No destination is printed
On my unrolled, white map

*The seasons shift again and carry a new foreboding
I won't understand it if I keep my eyes closed
Even though this world is so beautiful
I substituted my unsuppressable and dark feelings for the right path
Get myself back again
I wasn’t born for the sake of feeling pain

I’m all right. Everything will surely turn out okay

I won’t fear standing alone if it’s for the sake of protecting the things I believe in
I travel back and forth to the same place in search of my lost feelings
Like a small wave

I was only looking ahead
And was almost engulfed by insecurity
Right now the important words
Lie in the scenery I saw back then


I’m all right. Everything will surely turn out okay

I scoop up the tears running down my cheeks
Lured by the wind the stars start to shine
And my tear-streaked cheeks sparkle even brighter
I wave bye-bye to my complaints and excuses
Freed from my heavy shackles I can start to walk again


I have overcome everything that has been thrown at me
(Now I’m crying to get myself back again)
I will wipe my tears away because there’s still so much ahead of me
(Now I’m crying to get myself back again)
I’m all right now. Everything will surely turn out okay


Unknown said...

I believe that there should be communication between your love ones. If nothing is asked, nothing will get solved. You might think that since is your loved one, yr partner should be able to 'read' your mind, and know that something is bothering you. If yr partner is able to do so, then I guess you wouldn't be posting this question. Personally,i feel if it is something really important, go talk to your love one. Sometimes, honesty is the best policy

SimonFeiXiang said...

Thank for your advice... but somehow I feel that trust is build on un-speak, un-ask... not by question.... cos question mean doubt! ;)

Unknown said...

What you just said is correct. Trust is build on un-speak, un-ask... not by question....It takes 2 person and alot more effort to build and maintain that trust. But when you start to have doubts, could it be that the person has done or said something to make you feel that way? If it starts to bother you, there is nothing wrong to voice it out. Becoz it is your loved one, she should be more responsible and respective towards your feelings. BTW, me just speaking out base on my own feelings and thoughts. It may work for me, but may not be the case for you. But anyway, Good luck to you and hope everything will work out fine for you :)