Monday, July 30, 2007

What if?

What if today all the thing that you usually do not going to hapen again? Will you scare? No more job, no more transport, no more food... every single thing!

Do treasure what ever you have... because you will never know when is the day that they left.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday... boring day

Last Friday my new boss treat us a big feast... Nice and thank!

Yeah... I just upload some MP3 ringtone to my FORUM. If Interested can click on the link below to grab the music for your phone.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Looking something in life...!

What is the thing that can make me touch again? I really not sure... Seem like everyday doing the same thing again and again. Not sure what I really looking for, but one day I will found it. After see my IDOL BOA blog. Little bit touch by all the picture that she took and words she write on. Here come my dog too... haha

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Music for Life!!!

Got this 2 hot album in town right now. Super Nice song inside. Worth more than what I paid for. They are just excellent. I like the way they do music. Same factor, the first song is the INTRO to the album. Especially JJ one, he even have some talking track where bring you to his music. Nice one!!! No wonder he so hot. Talented!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Last last Saturday outside Millennial walk have Tamiya car Race. And I saw Suzuki Swift leh! It so cute and nice. They race so fast and able to do drifting too. Battery not bad cos I able to watch the match on and off around and hours plus and it still so powerful. Found the Distributors in Millennial but they never sell. So I will go down to the head office show room to have a look of it. Meanwhile I also found ebay selling it. Sing Dollars 135 the cheapest... haha! Hopefully not that ex when I ask for the price...

Sharing a program which really work on me. To chase away mosquito in order to prevent Dengue Fever. Link here... HERE

Install it and protect yourself against irritating insect...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Just had a hard fight with the VIRUS in my Computer. Just a warning to all my friend here. When visit China website do be careful. Not to anyhow download. Lot of worm out there...

Anyway, after Government increase GST to 7%. I suddenly have the mood to take "RICH DAD, POOR DAD" and read again. I do agree with so much thing that Robert say. Government only looking to grow bigger in order to take more money in their account. Whereby business man need to think alot more to reduce the cost in order to make more money.

Just a life example, some week before after the GST increase. My friend have been disturb by a gangster who like to look for someone that my friend family member know. So whenever he drunk. He will go to my friend home make chaos. Shouting here and there, and worst still, break the windows. So my friend call up our police force to get rids of all this shit. And who know after call up 999. They took half an hours to reach. Mean while my friend just keep calling and calling to make sure that our police force have send someone to take care of the situation. OH MY GOD... half an hours is enough for me to run to police station and run back to settle the whole thing. What for go and call them up?

Some good thing to share... donut Factory really do the best donut I ever taste in my life. Queue up for 1 hrs... but worth it. Do give a try but recommend to go in the morning whereby the queue is short and people is rushing for time. So it only take around 15 mins to get it. But evening time is full of student and those people who queue for fun and end up don't even know what they want to buy. HAHA.... as long as you get the donut back to microwave. The taste is back... trust me!!!

Not sure what is this... haha - Watch more free videos

Monday, July 9, 2007

Funny Clip

TeTris... human version

Funny Commercial

Let Kill the IPHONE... (is just a no BIG deal product but Marketing Play important ROLE)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Earth Day, SAD DAY!

Anyone wear green? Support our earth day to have better future.

I was wondering why those Foreign concert would have so many big STAR to sing for the earth whereby Asia only those SMALL FLY? It should be for charity, not for money. If everything about money, why we still concern about Earn day? At the same time, why shanghai host the concern but not HONG KONG? Taiwan artist will never be there to join them for sure. Is so selfish... Is not even a matter of earth. Is all about their own. You will keep see all this country wasting our earth resource for SURE!

A day for our earth is that too much? Just a little bit of our effort can make a great change in the future. Do your part and be green in your HEART!

Pledge for our World and make the different now by go to the bottom right of this page.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Enjoying myself

Woo... finally got my handphone SonyEricsson K810i. Second phone in my life. Anyway, the important point is the shop that I buy from. Mobile Square they sell cheapest in the market yet the attitude that toward customer is helpful. You actually can send a SMS to reserve the phone that you want. And no extra charge. Not like those shop at suntec city name the price without GST.

Enjoying myself, cos I want to have my own camera for so long. Yet I got it! Must make full use.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fighting with the HARDEST enemy in my life

Yeah! My IDOL win in last week race. HAHA! With all his skill and his own patience. Like what the host say in the video clip below. The hardest enemy in your life is yourself. Because if you wanna do better and better. You got to fight with your own but not others.

Anyway, the host also make a point that is right. If motogp without Valentino Rossi giving so much fun for the audience. Who wanna watch? And that why everytime he go up to the stage. Everyone will cheer for him cos he will give some special for us to see. Is simply amazing and he is just like Michael Jordon in NBA. Without MJ, no one know about basketball have such a great player and TV station earn alot during MJ present.

You are your own superstar. So make it shine and do your best. Beat yourself, and create a perfect life.

ENJOY MY HERO... still lot of thing can learn from him. From 11th to 1st.... SHIONG

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Technology good and bad...

Ever since apple announced the IPHONE. Everyone hoping to have one. And finally the day is come. Lot of New York pp queue up for this device. Some of them actually scream out as they are the top of the world. To me, Who care? Is still a question this device can last long or not. Just look at the IPOD. Leak of features, and you got to buy some many 3rd party product or sub product to make it perfect. And even IPHONE have full feature. Will everyone use it? How about the bill cost to surf the net? Apple is just know how to do their MARKETING. Make everyone curious about it and feel that it is "IN" to carry their product around. That is.... nothing more

Yesterday night when I take bus home and overheard 2 girl talking to each other about lost handphone and all her phone list gone. And when pp start calling, she just keep asking who is it. Is she stupid? Now a day all the handphone come with DATA cable and software to help you back up every single thing in your phone. So is technology for those pp who know how to use or for those who is rich and just want to show off?