Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thank you

This world is cruel anywhere but one place will never leave you and you can always find the warmest heart. This is home... Thank my whole family that always love me and support me. They are the only people in this world will really appreciate what I do for them and never request more. Because they know that I will give them the best always.

Pass my IPPT with silver and $200 reward

Yeah, I pass my IPPT before reservist. So I can book out early. Wahaha.... Almost fail my run due to my basketball session. My left leg was cramp when I was running 2nd round of the stadium. And the chip up passing marks is 7 but not 6. I was curse and swear when I was doing my number 6 chip up but can't grab 3 point from that.

This is how Taiwan typhoon do to create greedy people

I like HONG KONG IT show... Singapore???? go eat Sxxx! haha

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is getting ugly

The technology war is getting ugly. I mean if you are better than others. Why you have to keep the feature just for you own? Why I can't use Safari to generate a windows 7 key? Why I can't use MSN which full feature on MAC? Why windows have to come with Internet explorer? Why palm pre have to open an APP store like APPLE do? Why so many touch screen phone with finger gesture in the market? Why iPhone don't support flash? Why I can't run MAC os on PC? Why so many type of memory(e.g. memory stick, compact flash, SD card) in the market and no one want to standard it?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Time that can achieve the most in your life

When will be the day that I can achieve the most? Now is the time when my body still can take every hardship. When my mind still have fresh idea. When my strength still able to strike out. When my heart is equal to what I think and what I do. When the biggest dream is now. Something really need to be done on my end. And make everything happen not only by mouth but by action.

Friday, August 14, 2009

iPhone is different

Having an iPhone in life is such an enjoyable moment. It don't make u
feel SIAN when u see another iPhone user around u but feel that we
have good taste instead. When I have so many handphone with me last
time. I was so afraid to see the same model phone walking beside me.
It feel like I am jus another idiot to have the phone becos the person
beside me who buy later than me enjoy lower price.

Apple rock

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Google voice on iPhone (rejected)

There are number of people not really sure about what is Google voice. It is a virtual number online that you can call and configure the device that you wish to receive the call. For example, you can configure it to receive phone call from family member to ring your mobile phone as well as your work place. This virtual number will not change and you can update the latest mobile number if you change your service provider. Is a good service but seem like duplication to current iPhone function.

I would like to say that Google have been forgotten who is the master of his business model. They earn money through advertisement and who is the boss now? Apple is the one who put up the adv and yet they trying to bite back. Joking man

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Technology that drive people closer?

Ever since the day when internet become part of our life. The time that we spend in front of the PC is more than facing each others. Is technology driving us together? Facebook, MSN, ICQ, Email, IRC and etc.... Are they the driving force to get us closer or they drift us apart.

I am spending too much time online. And getting less time for my own.

My dear MacBook is 1 year old. Thank you for changing my life. Mac knowledge is getting more popular now.

Getting more of my friends going to buy iPhone 3Gs soon. The iPhone user base is just getting larger and larger. I just hope that APPLE may come out something that stop FLASH from getting larger. If flash become part of the PC essential software. Free game, music, video and application will just so near to us. Google will get bigger as advertisement is the main driving force for the industry. The future is not what I want cos they don't deserve to be the BIG BOY.

10K hits on my blog counter

Finally it come to the stage whereby I have 10k of hit in this blog. If I am not wrong, most of the hit is from my dear sister and GF who support me so long. Thank you and I will keep it on as Facebook is not the best way to express myself where I meet stupid people there.

Singnet don't welcome me

I have been scratching my head for the whole weekend to think of the possibility of having singnet back to my home network due to the attractive MAC offer. But I was disappointed after I found out the promotion no longer valid. Anyway, I am planning to get the same download speed and same price from starhub where they offer a wireless connection and digital voice. For the digital voice, I can setup a home phone for my mum so that she don't have to look for the handphone again in the future. And the wireless broadband can cover up the connection when the main point is down. So that my mother will be able to look after her "BABY(stock market)".

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dilemma toward my next ISP

Singtel launch it promotion for the home boardband at $88 per month with free MAC laptop. I am so interested to get this as they offer the latest model in this promotion. But the problem is the home network setup that I need to reconfigure again. Trying to learn more about how it setup as well as the home fix line included in this package or not. Tomorrow I will go down and check it out. Hopefully I will get a perfect answer as my family sick of using starhub. And they don't even want to do anything about my recontract.