Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fairness of life

I have a "CHOU KENG" friend in the camp. He tried all his best just not to go outfield for this ICT. What happen next was that he managed to "siam" the whole exercise. Good for him..... but when came to all the administrative works he was in hell. All those things that were nasty all fell onto him. My point here is that SOMEONE or SOMEHOW things will fine tune themselves. The best part was that my dearest friend(Darren) went over to this "CHOU KENG" guy and laugh at him. And the guy went over to Darren's bed when he was sleeping and slam the whole bed. WTF? Was that going to make up anything? Let him be... just another idiot in life. This is just one of the example. The biggest KARMA here was that.... for those "CHOU KENG" people that we have in the camp. They will have to redo the whole exercise again during November!!!! WAHAHAHA!

Most importantly, those people who don't have the quality in themselves will never have a chance to survive long enough in this society. Time will tell, it just not the time yet.

This blog is transforming to my daily soon rather than record my thinking.

This ICT has provided me a long spare time for my life revolution. Although most of the time my brain was blank due to physical training. I considered this ICT as my best break in this year provided I never go to HK end of year. Lot of things has been set for the rest of the year and I planned to change my working environment. Not by quit my job but to change the system as well as the way I handle my job. Giving myself one last chance for a year more to stay in my current job. I will do something to prove my value and let those people regret of how they judged me.

Is a very very nice sunny saturday. I will be going down to the Cement Jungle at orchard to walk around. At least I will not get mosquito bite there.

Nice song by G.E.M.


Unknown said...

anything i can do to help improve the work environment? Anything I can help just let me know

SimonFeiXiang said...

oh... you were great enough to keep it from collapse. So... you did a great job. You are not involve but I must cos I did nothing in the past! haha