Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flash on iPhone = Die of iTune

Why flash not able to run on iPhone browser? According to Adobe website that iPhone is a different kind of plantform to work on. So it is kind of hard to put flash into it. But the real answer behind this fact is all about money.

Imagine, all the flash content like "pet society" and "online video" able to run on iPhone. Developer can easily put all this content into web and get the end user to log into their website to enjoy it. Who is going to develop software in iPhone? Who going to download music from iTune? Who going to buy game from them anymore?

All about money when you really look into the situation. So, I don't think flash will be enable in the coming future. But eventually when every single device able to surf flash.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Start a day that follow what you heart is thinking

I have my breakfast early in the morning at MAC. While I am waiting for the food to come. I noticed the display for the cheese cake was wrong. Usually, I won't care about it even though my heart would lead me to tell them about the mistake. But my mind would think that I am so busy body...

And today, I told the manager about it. Is just no big deal to anyone here. But to me, is doing something that follow what my heart is thinking. Even though my heart was beating fast. And I don't really feel like speak out.

Keep going, Simon Liu

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The rule is changing

Just got a email from yahoo inform me that GEOCITIES is closing. That were the hottest web browsing back to the time when internet just getting popular among us. Web hosting no longer take advantage now. Facebook and Blogging is getting popular. Everyone would like to have easy access to information instead of getting into a webpage and hopefully it will get update.

Facebook is trying to earn money from us. By putting more advertisement as well as selling information to 3rd party. This is a very serious and danger move from them. Anything goes wrong, everyone will leave this community and go for others. Change is good, but depend on the amount of the change. I would like facebook to block out those people that I don't wish them to see my status. Because some friend are not meant to know but some does.

Working hard on my assignment and trying to get it finish ASAP. Next week is a week that need to wake up early in the morning. Tired again.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Michael Jackson to the world

This is where he start....

We are the world - for africa

MoonWalk that make him special

Pepsi Adv

And the tragic of his life start
That is what make him addicted to plastic surgey

Bad - Hit song
but you can see his skin color start to change

Smooth Criminal - I like the most (king of POP)

Black or White - Different Race

Earth Song - For the world

They don't really care about us - reflect to he himself
And his skin is so white

Dirty Diana - I like this song (ROCK)

You are not alone - For him forever

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Idol that inspire me



Both of them same age as me. But what are they doing now? Is there anything that I can do better so that I can compare myself with them in the future? This is the year, this is the year for me to work hard. Not only hard but have to learn alot alot. Goal setting and execution have to be coordinate.

You can DO IT... Simon Liu! Everyone waiting for you....

Rossi really long so cute when he is young

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rossi and Apple

Yes, last weekend is about Rossi again who win the motogp by 0.099s... what a close race that done by Lorenzo. He is a good rider who can make Rossi back to top form again. We are losing track about the idiot who always give excuse "STONER". Lead at the first part and getting slow even get 4th when crossing the finishing line. Since Rossi (29 years old) still able to fight in his life, why not me? why not now? The world wait for no one but at the same time it never stop any one from achieve a "dream". That is the way, I hope I can read all my textbook during this weekend and complete the assignment.

Apple become the top earner again for 2nd quarter profit release. Even on non-holiday season. What is so great about the company? That is because the innovative gadget that it produce. That is because you have so much fun on an iPhone. That is because photo and video editing is so easily done on a mac. That is because your MAC will never let you down by virus or any malware. That is because it is so simple to connect everything together.
But what I worry here is about the design that without steve job. iPhone and Macbook make no change when steve on MC. What does it mean? It mean that no one lead this huge army to unleash their potential. Hai...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Project, a Program and a Person

I have a school project need to be complete by end of next month. Is about how to manage a hotel. I don't think is IT related topic. But they managed to associate it with IT by question me on how to link all the departments using network and computer. I am stuck right now, not really sure on how to move on cos I am not good at management.

Still trying to figure out on how to write a program for iPhone. A lot of things to study and I haven't download the latest software for writing the program.

Just have my mid year review by my boss and I don't think I do my best on the first half of this year. Got to buck up and become a useful person. Learning my way to perfect my life.

Monday, July 6, 2009

iPhone 3GS in Singapore Soon

Hi Liu Cheung Fai,

The information you've been waiting for on the new iPhone 3GS is here; I am very excited to share it with you!

Pricing and plans

SingTel is making the iPhone 3GS affordable for everyone. Here are our popular iFlexi plans which are loaded with BONUS mobile data for Mobile Internet Browsing and Tethering, free incoming calls, free SMS/MMS and extended free Wireless@SG. Plus, please also check out our NEW low-tier plan, iFlexi Lite, and NEW pricing for iPhone 3G 8GB.

Monthly fee (incl GST)
Bundled data
(7.2 Mbps)
Bundled mins (outgoing)
Bundled SMS/MMS
iPhone 3G 8GB
iPhone 3GS 16GB
iPhone 3GS 32GB
iFlexi Lite
iFlexi Value
iFlexi Plus
iFlexi Premium
We know you have an iPhone 3G contract with SingTel and are keen to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS. As you are a valued SingTel customer, we have introduced an early upgrade fee just for this launch at $600 (in addition to the handset prices above) if you take a 24-month contract with the pricing above. This offer is only available at the launch event at Comcentre between 10 - 12 July 09.

We are also offering the following discounts off the purchase price and early upgrade fee. These offers are only available at the launch event:
  • $100 discount with a 24-month BroadBand On Mobile (Value Added Service) - on either BBoM Plus (1GB) / BBoM Premium (10GB) / BBoM Platinum (30GB).
  • Trade In your iPhone 3G for $400 (16 GB) or $300 (8 GB)
  • Facebook is not a good way to express myself

    After a series of posting in Facebook which I though it will eventually become part of my blogging life. Some people who I don't need their feedback and yet they post on my comment. Facebook is trying to find a way to get your post to view for the right group of people. Mean while, I think is the best to post on my blog rather than making argument in Facebook.