Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

The very last post of 2009.... think of 2009, I think I have a few good start and it will last till 2010. So 2010 will be my result year and 2009 is my hard time.

Learn a lot in 2009 as I understand that this world is unfair. When something is unfair, please make sure it will unfair to everyone so that it will become fair. HAHA....

So much thinking and preparation for the coming year. Hope everything will not go smooth to me. Then I will be able to learn from my mistake. Don't be like my friend who think of doing business is so easy and end up..... so worst!!! Cos he only think of the best but never prepare for the worst.

Will love my love one more and make sure I keep all my truth friend.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Love holiday

Haha... getting too addicted to this Mother fucker's video...

Is a very funny HK people who speak HK tone of English. Enjoy the rest of his show on Youtube and get hooked like me. hehe

Lovely holiday season which give me a lot of day of rest. At the same time I can get back to my old friend and not much work. Sweet!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Got myself into movie again on Thursday night which is christmas Eve. Alvin and the Chipmunk with my GF and her friend who bring her kids along. Once the theater's light start to dim down. The very first advertisement was a ACT stupid kid keep asking his father about the movie ticket and where is the movie theater. Of course you will know what is the message that they want to pass down. No PIRACY!!! But at the same time I always not able to enjoy the full show in movie theater because some violence or RA sense has been cut. And the most important thing is that no Cantonese movie available here. But they can show Korea and Japanese.... What the.....#$%*&^

So the advertisement keeping going on and on and on and on for almost 20 mins. And I can notice that the kids were getting impatience. HELLO.... is a kids movie and you give so much of advertisement for what? Wanna get all the kids fall asleep so that can enjoy the movie quietly? Totally Bullshit here....

Who will still support movie when so much nonsense going on? Please, do some review and let our money work. Who want to get into movie and watch advertisement? They are killing themselves now.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New day

Blog is in new look now but some of the promised things haven't been put up. I will need to find a good software to convert mp3 to iPhone ringtone as well as a good site to host the wallpaper directory.

Christmas is coming and my mood still not very good due to my pimple grow on the back of my ear. And it make my head very pain.

Yesterday went for a movie called "AVATAR". I though is a lame show when I step into the movie theater. But after 2 hrs plus of long sitting, it was a surprisingly good show which contain good story as well as effect. Will recommend to my friend out here to watch. Have a good day.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Change of layout soon... Today is GREAT

Will get my blog change to a new look on this weekend. Will put up a APPLE HP ringtone column, wallpaper for PC and new song that I listening.

Great day for me even though my near still in pain because stupid Nono send a email to everyone whereby he showed how idiot he look like in front of all the people. And even threaten for resign. End up my supervisor stepped in and nothing is done by him. Then why I still feel happy? Because I win over myself for saying out what keep in my heart for so long toward this idiot Nono. Whereby I don't even dare to do so in the past. "those who know me well, my character has been changed"

In love with this song from Backstreet boy... IF I KNEW THEN

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dog really will listen

Put my dog at home and went for my dinner in town just now. I tot it will be a messy situation when I back home. But I am wrong... nothing happen and a happy dog keep spinning his tail to high five with me. Miracle? not at all, cos before I left my home I did let him know that I going out for long. And tell him to be good boy, of course Sayang him... haha! My brandy is such a good boy.

Sistic has been sued by government body for controlling the sell of event ticket on "DURIAN" and indoor stadium. Ya... for so long I only know that they are the one who sell ticket. Is there any other companies doing this also? No one know at all

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Money Money Money

TV mobile is going to end next year after the contract expire between MediaCorp and SBS bus services. I don't need to think much but related to money as TV mobile is mostly depend on Advertisement. Just a short journey of bus ride. Who will put up the money for the adv?

HDB start building a lot of houses. And I hope that the price will get cheaper from now on. Too many people make full use of this high price housing. Is time for it to slow down and even decrease it price.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My body is giving up

Ever since the day I have opened 30+ HP workstation and move them around my office. My back start to ache, maybe is my old injury which happen when I did part time as Jackpot money collector. Few days ago my neck start to ache too and is a kind of pain that you can't go into sleep at night. It will have very slight pain during the day but is irritated till you can't get a good posture to sit down. I think my body is giving away.... is time to really make plan again before I regret in the end.

I have badminton game on each day of my holiday. It is fun but also very shag.... hope it won't make my body get worst.

I have start to figure out my previous post answer which i talking about building. Take a very simply thing to talk about this procedure. When you like somebody. You will start to get close to her, then start to talk to her, become friend --> become close friend --> sharing some special moment --> eventually in love with her --> hold the hand --> kiss and etc... this is my point of the Building procedure. I think this theory can fine tune a bit and put it into life and as well as business...

I will figure it out soon...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have a very big question in my head. Why build a building can always according to plan and they will be able to foresee everything ahead. But it will not be able to apply in our life? Then architectural engineer will able to manage their life well? Since they are the one who plan everything out. I just don't understand how everything goes. I want to know the truth... I want to know if we plan ahead, everything will go the way we want? So that mean getting rich also can have a perfect plan to follow. Am I right to say so? I would like to know the formula and work hard toward it. I don't mind hard work, as long as I can achieve whatever thing I want.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am still nobody

I have a delicious dinner with all my family member at Queenstown. Egg plus Crab leh... Don't know why the taste is so nice. I hope that we can arrange more of this event.

We took a cab back through Bukit Timah road. Suddenly something strike in my head that why so many people so successful in their life whereby they can live in this kind of place? Are they lucky or hardworking? More Knowledge?
I have seen a handicap who was riding on a electronic wheelchair. He was so poor thing at the first place when I saw him but I was thinking that what kind of things he do will benefit the society? The show at channel 8 tonight was about saving those people who in need. The problem was what kind of things they will do for society? I only can think of by using their sad story it will attract those rich people donation in order to benefit those people who holding this organization.

Actually I have a lot of though to write on my blog. But the problem is that when I was trying to write the blog. All my though is gone... hai

Life is about patience and it only multiply by itself

I always though that life is about 1 + 1 = 2 but in fact this formula is far too small for me to sub it into. Every little thing that we do will take a very long time to accumulate itself in order to force the change. That is no such thing as when you do this and you will definitely get that. It is the interesting part of life. It only let those people who have their goal and patience to achieve something great in life.

Example for this whereby everyone go though it before. When you study for your highest qualification, it took the few years for you to achieve it. What if you drop out half way? Will you get the certificate? But once after you get the cert, your life will change totally cos you can look for higher qualification job. This is life, nothing come easy and that make it interesting for those who work hard and enjoy the process. The end result is just a moment of job but the hard work is a series of goal setting and determination. Accept this theory and make full use of it to achieve something great in life.

Looking around most of my friends who have found the love for their life. I am so jealous about them. Someone who can really relied on and someone who keep this promise forever. How sweet is the moment and how sweet is the entire life.

Anyway, thank for the Jade Rabbit which given by my sister. I will keep it by my side next year to resist all the evil spirit. HAHA...

Friday, December 4, 2009

And other beginning of life

Just got my result for the most cannot make it subject for my Diploma course. So I hope that those other papers that I going to take will be easy job for me. And get my cert as my plan so that I can move on in my life.

Enjoy myself so much last night at Citi Event. Not very sure am I still have the excitement to wait for the next one. But I will be glad if everyone still the same in next year event again.

Sometime I will say I can only treasure what I have right now and do my best to make everyone around me to be happy. Love my world.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gong Xi Ji is nice

finally completed this nice TVB show whereby Singapore will never able to produce such show. HAHA... NEVER!!!

anyway, got addicted to Wedding Dress and found this dance step. I will make use of my spare time to learn it. (if possible) since I know how to dance when I was young... haha