Saturday, October 24, 2009

This time round, I think APPLE aim at the right point in the right time. Since I have to upgrade my system to the new OS and have to redo everything including transfer files.... Why don't I move to something more stable and virus free? Like the post that I mention before, the cost of upgrade to Windows 7 is higher than getting a new MAC. Is still up to individual. I have my stand here not because I am APPLE fans.... but state the fact that when people are so skeptical about a thing. They are just simply don't wish to try at all, but once they try on it. They will love it so much till protect them. Is the same theory toward love and hate. Show like "UGLY Truth" and "the Proposal" told us that even they hate each others so much in the first place. But slowly they will find that the "hating" point is less than the "lovely" point so much. Yet they fall in love with each other. Is just a matter of time for people to know more about MAC. Everyone like to talk about Virus in PC. Why they just don't want to change their life style? Why they still get cheated by Bill Gate when he donate "some" of his money only.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cost for MAC vs PC

I am a PC engineer that will never buy a PC from those pre assembly "Branded" company. So, I will be building my new PC if I have to move on to Windows 7. But to get a windows 7 I have to pay 500+ for the OS and some others software that let me do photo edit, video edit and office job. Put it as another $500... I have total 1k just for the software. If I would like to have a 21" LCD for my new PC. Another $500......

2K budget to build a PC and have to take out $1.5 for all these things. I only have $500 dollars to build the rest whereby a good graphic card cost $300 and good processor with Motherboard cost $500. Casing, DVD Rom, memory, Harddisk, Keyboard, Mouse, Fan..... headache

On the other hand..... Buy a iMac and have everything without facing virus problem for $2150.... Sound nice????

I totally agree with this idea. Some more is much more easier to get support on both software and hardware from APPLE then go around to ask like PC. HAHAHA... MAC rock again

The real cost of everything

So many different website and blog keep working on the Profit Margin that APPLE earn from selling their MAC. They are so stupid and idiot that only use the Cost price to minus away the Hardware actual price. How can it be? Where is the R&D? Where is the software? Where is the Shop space rental? Where is the Brand price?

By right I am going to rebuild my PC so that I will be able to play StarCraft 2 in the coming year. But the price of Windows 7 is crazy. It cost $500+ to get me into professional version. What a shame, cos this big brother have more than 80% of global market and yet have to sell so high price tag product. We will have to wait for the price to drop or stick to our windows XP forever.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is it.... Everything for up coming christmas is here. The most impressive is still the mouse and iMac. I would like to acknowledge that having a new hardware, you may able to show off. But like what Mr Gate is doing to impress people by software? Is a joke!!!

Microsoft is selling hardware right now. And they know how much it can earn from Hardware more than it software. Privacy and high costing to upgrade that turn everyone down. Still, they have to biggest share and I do agree that APPLE will never catch up due to it business concept. Soon this giant will fall and something to replace it.

Still enjoying all the new product that show by APPLE. Again.... APPLE ROCK

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Technology is where people enjoy

When I was young. Having a pair of doctor Martin shoes is a kind of proud thing that u ever have. But as time goes by - pager, mobile phone, laptop, LCD TV and etc... All these electronic things make a people look different from others. That is why APPLE has profitted again in the quarter. Everyone is looking for something that can differciate them from others. Expensive and nice design technology is what people looking for. But don't forget that easy to use still the main piority. That is what APPLE aim to achieve.I would say learning and doing business is a series of deduction. For example: 1000 / 2 you will cut the number to half in the first deduction. But you only can cut half of the half on the next deduction and so on. My point of view is that, knowing the basic is easy but getting deep, you need patience and time. That is what I always keep in mind. Nothing come easy, and the best is to lose it do that you will treasure it in the future.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1st day home alone

Good news and bad news together in a day. Good news is that I extended my contract with some minor increment and of course doing something that I afraid to do in my life "PUSH BACK THE JOB TO THE LAZY PEOPLE". Hopefully by doing that email here and there, I will learn how to send nasty email without putting emotion in it.
Bad news is that, my mum back to HK for a month. Home alone.... and got to find food myself. Don't know what will happen.... haha

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back to my life

Finally I got my iPhone 3Gs and having fun using it. Is been a long wait since the day I go for my reservist till now. Anyway, all worth the price cos it jus react so fast that everything is so smooth. Thank APPLE again especially doing the backup from my mac which bring back all my previous setting to this new phone. Lesser a lot of hardwork to configure the phone again. Where other brand don't enjoy such good service.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally come... not yet

Still waiting for my iPhone 3Gs right now and got a queue number 5140... as the counter serving 5037. I can assure that 100+ people still waiting in front of me. Actually I got myself cheated by the singtel website which status 11:00 is the official opening time whereas they open at 10:00. Should come early and get it asap rather than wait here doing nothing but blogging.

Monday, October 5, 2009

iPhone finally come to my life... "SOON"

This wednesday, I hope I will be the first one in the queue at Comm centre for my iPhone 3Gs.... looking toward this moment for so long. Only used 10MB for this month whereby I have 2GB. Is that funny?

I am watching this show called "Flash Forward" which show on CH 5 every sunday. Of course like what I usually do, I will still go online and search for the latest episode. And this show is from US. Yeah, I am watching English show now. The very first time in my life that so addicted into an English show. I think the story and the concept of the whole show is Fantastic. It really get me into the show and I keep thinking of something. Something that is so amazing that even with a moment like this "2 mins and 17 seconds"... so much things can be happen and so much detail that can lead you to the future.

Actually you can try to look around now and start doing the flash forward. Get as much detail as possible and compare with your memory that go backward like 1 years ago. You will feel that how much change that your surrounding do.

Reverse thinking is the main point to run business now. 90% of people have the same mindset and only 10% don't. So.... by using this theory, I will work hard in my life to create something that no one have ever think about.

Thursday, October 1, 2009