Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding Dress by TaeYang

Some say it’s not over ’till it’s over
Guess this is really over now
There’s something I gotta say before I let you go

When you have a fight with him
Sometimes you cry
And feel sad and blue
I become hopeful
My heart aches secretly
Then just a hint of your smile
Can make me feel fine again
To keep you from figuring out how I feel about you
Because then we would drift apart
I hold my breath, bite my lips
Oh, please leave him and come to me

Baby, please don’t take his hand
Cuz you should be my lady
I’ve been waiting for you for so long
Please look at me now

When the music starts
You will vow to spend
The rest of your life with him
How I prayed every night
This day would never come

The wedding dress you’re wearing
It’s not me (next to you)
Oh, the wedding dress you’re wearing, oh, no

You never knew how I felt about you
And I hated you so
Sometimes I wished you would be unhappy

Now I have no more tears left to cry
When I’m by myself I talk to you like you’re here
I’ve felt so restless every night
Maybe I’ve known all along this would happen
I close my eyes and dream an endless dream
Please leave him and come to me

Baby, don’t take his hand when he comes to you
Cuz you should be my lady
I’ve been waiting for you for so long
Look at me now

When the music starts
You will vow to spend
The rest of your life with him
How I prayed every night
This day would never come

The wedding dress you’re wearing
It’s not me (next to you)
Oh, the wedding dress you’re wearing, oh, no

Please be happy with him
So that I can forget you
Please forget how miserable I looked
It’s going to be unbearably hard for me
For a long while to come

Hangul (thanks to Daum Music which is way more efficient than Cyworld):

네가 그와 다투고
때론 그 땜에 울고
힘들어 할 때면 난 희망을 느끼고
아무도 모르게 맘 아-아-아프고
네 작은 미소면 또 담담해지고
네가 혹시나 내 마음을 알게 될까봐
알아버리면 우리 멀어지게 될까봐
난 숨을 죽여
또 입술을 깨물어
제발 그를 떠나 내게 오길

Baby 제발 그의 손을 잡지마
Cuz you should be my Lady
오랜 시간 기다려온 날 돌아봐줘

노래가 울리면 이제 너는 그와 평생을 함께하죠
오늘이 오지 않기를 그렇게 나 매일 밤 기도했는데
네가 입은 웨딩드레스
네가 입은 웨딩드레스
네가 입은 웨딩드레스

내 맘을 몰라줬던
네가 너무 미워서
가끔은 네가 불행하길 난 바랬어
이미 내 눈물은 다 마 마 마르고
버릇처럼 혼자 너에게 말하고
매일 밤 그렇게 불안했던걸 보면 난
이렇게 될꺼란 건 알았는지도 몰라
난 눈을 감아
끝이 없는 꿈을 꿔
제발 그를 떠나 내게 오길

부디 그와 행복해
너를 잊을 수 있게
내 초라했던 모습들은 다 잊어줘
비록 한동안은 나 죽을 만큼 힘이 들겠지만 no oh

너무 오랜 시간을 착각 속에 홀로 바보처럼 살았죠
아직도 내 그녀는 날 보고 새 하얗게 웃고 있는데

neh-ga geu-wa da-tu-go
ddae-lohn geu ddaem-eh ool-go
him-deul-eo hal ddae-myeon nan hui-mang-eul neu-ggi-go
ah-moo-do mo-leu-ge mam ah-ah-ah-peu-go
neh jak-eun mi-so-myeon ddo dam-dam-hae-ji-go
neh-ga hok-shi-na nae ma-eum-eul al-ge dwil-gga-bwa
al-a-beo-li-myeon oo-li meol-eo-ji-ge dwil-gga-bwa
nan soom-eul jook-yeo
ddo ib-sool-eul ggae-mool-eo
je-bal geu-leul dde-na nae-ge oh-gil

Baby je-bal geu-ui son-eul jab-ji-ma
Cuz you should be my Lady
oh-laen shi-gan gi-da-lyeo-on nal dol-a-bwa-jweo

no-lae-ga ool-li-myeon ee-je neo-neun geu-wa pyeong-sang-eul ham-gge-ha-jyo
oh-neul-ee oh-ji anh-gi-leul geu-leoh-ge na mae-il bam gi-do-haet-neun-de
neh-ga ib-eun we-ding-de-le-seu
neh-ga ib-eun we-ding-de-le-seu

neh-ga ib-eun we-ding-de-le-seu

nae mam-eul mol-la-jweot-deon
neh-ga neo-mu mi-weo-seo
ga-ggeum-eun ne-ga bool-haeng-ha-gil nan ba-laess-eo
ee-mi nae noon-mool-eun da ma ma ma-leu-go
beo-leut-cheo-leom hohn-ja neo-eh-ge mal-ha-go
mae-il bam geu-leoh-ge bool-an-haet-deon-geol bo-myeon nan
ee-leoh-ge dwil-ggeo-lan geon al-at-neun-ji-do mol-la
nan noon-eul gam-ah
ggeut-ee eob-neun ggoom-eul ggweo
je-bal geu-leul ddeo-na nae-ge oh-gil

boo-di geu-wa haeng-buk-hae

neo-leul ij-eul su it-ge

nae cho-la-haet-deon mo-seub-deul-eun da ij-eo-jweo

bi-lok han-dong-an-eun na juk-eul man-keum him-ee deul-get-ji-man no oh

neo-mu oh-laen shi-gan-eul chak-gak sok-e hol-lo ba-bo-cheo-leom sal-at-jyo

ah-jik-do nae geu-nyeo-neun nal bo-go sae ha-yah-ge oht-go it-neun-de

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Long Holiday

This is so funny....

Finally I have my holiday and I just send out a stupid email to hint the stupid Nono not to take MC on Monday. He took quite a lot of time of MC when he work morning shift. This is suck... and seem like Boss cannot see. So seen she not able to see it. I will let her feel it. For sure stupid Nono will not take MC on monday. If he take, it will be very very obvious.

Must enjoy my holiday while taking my exam on Sunday. Pray pray for good result.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


What if you know that today will be your last day on earth? What are you going to do? I will say, treasure whatever thing that going to happen to me. Most of the things that happen in our daily life is so meaningless. But at the same time they are the most meaningful things ever in life. Because they just keep happen everyday. Once all these things don't happen again. You know that something is changing, something is missing or something is leaving.

Got myself 2 new apps which help to entertain my life. Bejeweled which able to connect to facebook for me to fight with my sister. And VLC player which I can control the player from my iPhone with my PC. So that I don't have to walk here and there liao. HAHA

Monday, November 23, 2009

Different way

As you know that flash will not support by iPhone is a well know case. Why? Not because APPLE wanna earn the money but to let developer to earn at the same time. If anyone can run free content that show on internet with their iPhone. There will be no rule and regulation to control anymore. And on the other hand, the sell of Macromedia flash software will increase and that is what Macromedia wanna achieve when they launch the latest version of flash on every cell phone. They are simply too selfish to earn all the money by their own and ruin every sell phone profit.
If I am one of the developer which having the hottest flash free game on internet. I would like to change my coding and transfer it to iphone and sell it for $0.99.
Anyway, different company have their own different concept of making money. Developer will look for the best way to earn in order to develop software. I do agree that iPhone have a lot of restriction when getting the apps post on the iTune store. But that will only enhance more control to the iPhone apps world. At least, Pornographic is not an issue to ruin the kids if they having a iPhone (provided not jailbreak)

Friday, November 20, 2009


This world is unfair and it will never be fair in the future. Ireland submit a request to FIFA to have a rematch with France due to Henry hand ball while passing it to team-mate to score the winning goal. It was caught by camera but not by referee so it will be no count and the score line is finalize. To rematch or not? Fair to rematch? I am siding Henry due to his brilliant hand ball which never get caught by the referee just like Manadona. He have admitted the incident and accept all the criticism. I admire his attitude as you play for country and that is the crucial moment.

To be fair for some of my previous post which target on Google. I will have to say google have it own difficulty as Microsoft and Yahoo try to conquer it feel on search engine. Never the less, those big companies will have to spend their big amount of money to get rid of their competitor. Might as well get pay for everyone when they use Microsoft search engine right? So that no one will use on google anymore.

I can understand how a company run. When it have no ambition on it field or try to conquer another field. No investor will inject their huge amount of money into the company. That is the main problem lie on all these companies.

Google has joined in the OS war as it launch the CHROMS. It is allow to download through private bay. Not very sure what impact will do to the market.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Competition mean well?

If APPLE not around to color our world. What will our world be? Are we still using NOKIA handphone which have no improvement at all but only changing the outlook? Will we still using Windows 98 now because Microsoft think that is the best OS ever? Will we still using CD instead of MP3 player which hold more music than anything? Am I able to write blog now whereby the first PC is made by APPLE?

Sometime I am very sure that my BOSS is blind. She only recognize email than hard work. I just simply can't adapt to this kind of work attitude. Simple job, simple do... don't have to send email whenever a small job done. Now a day the stupid PhilippineNo start to send out email to help him finish his "SHIT" job. Too bad, we learn and there will be no more such things going to happen to us. HAHAHA

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The problem of windows user

They are simply ignore APPLE and deny the fact that mac is easiler
than PC. If you are born to use your left hand. Then you will feel
frustrated when you have to force to use your right hand to perform
the job. I can undrstand how PC user think. But please don't say
stupid thing like MAC is useless or only those APPLE fans will use
that. No point at all when you never really try on it. You can't judge
a thing when you don't even know what is that.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best friend ROM

Went for my best friend's ROM at Santosa today. It was such an nice place. Uploaded the video Below

As time goes by, more and more of my friend getting married. At least they have achieve something that in their life. But not for me cos I still looking for my life turning point.

Anyway, is a nice place with a pair of nice couple. Wishing them a long lasting future.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Went for shopping

Is been a long time never buy so many thing in one shot. I was enjoying myself very much as they were my long waited luxury items.

Bag that I buy from Muji and having problem when I trying to figure out this bag can fit in my Macbook or not. So we approached the sales people for the information about the bag is 13 inch or not. The sales guy use a ruler to measure the below part and told me that it was a 35". I was so shock that he don't even know how to measure. So I took out my iPhone to find out my laptop spec and compare with the bag dimension. It was going to fit nicely according to the figure so I make up my mind to purchase it.
here are the shoe which I buy from Pedro. Wa... first time to grab such an expensive pair of shoe. Hopefully it will last me longer than a year so that I would not feel so heart pain.

Going to disappear from facebook soon. As facebook was such a evil place that you can't hide those comment that you don't wish others to see. That is a case whereby my friend wrote something about 2 of my ex colleagues were sacked and cause by me. So one of them actually out of my facebook list. And I would say that if you never do anything wrong. No one will get you sack from a job. And to the person who have a big mouth to spread this thing to the whole world. I am going to leave facebook soon. It will going to have peace over there but more fun here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First time in my Life

This is the very first Gadget that I have which give me problem. I am not very sure is that because of the drop or I just simply too suay to get this phone. I have notice the position of the internal is not match with the external hole. So.... Anyway, got it change and I am a happy user now.

my iPhone

Was trying to look at some stock movement on my iPhone while I on my way to work. But found out that my iPhone screen go "WHITE"... can't even see a single icon. I try to reboot it and still "WHITE". I am scare that was due to last week drop. So I turn it off and wait for few minutes before wake him up again. The APPLE logo stuck on the screen for very long this time round. I have no choice but to wait till the welcome screen. Finally, I got it back and hope that the same thing won't be happen again.

Still, we have to treasure everything that belong to you. Sometime, something is not just happen to be there. It have the reason behind everything. So don't push your luck too hard and think that it will never leave you. Cos everything in this world is unpredictable. Only the wise and prepared one will survive.

Monday, November 2, 2009


By trying out to work on my iPhone application development. I will have to face something that irritate developer which is "Piracy". Since I have so much of "dirty" software in my PC. Soon, my software will become dirty and live in others PC... haha