Friday, August 6, 2010


Being myself in this world for 30 years time. I have achieved nothing so far.

Sitting all alone @ boat quay, my phone was in silent if I never turn on any music. I have failed to be a good lover as I was not able to work hard toward the future. I have failed to be a good friend as I was not able to pay attention to my close friends. I have failed to be a good brother as I didn't trust my sister's advices. I have failed to be a good son as I spend most of my time on MAC when I was home while my mother was working so hard to manage the home. I have failed to be a good colleague as I was not able to help out much at work. I have failed to be a good owner as my dear doggy always carry a sad face when he was trying to get my attention while I was busy on my MAC. I have failed to be a good blogger as my english standard is so poor that people have a hard time to understand.

Was that a warning sign? I am nothing to anyone right now.... seem like everyone can live happily without my present.

I am having nothing! May consider to move my blog or somehow close it.

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Unknown said...

HELLO!! Who is the person who help introduce Doghouse diaries? Who is the person (if i remember correctly), always show me so so many interesting websites and video clips when we both share a small small room? Who is the person who always spend extra time to do research so that those colleagues can focus on other work? Who is the one(which I personally know), will help your mother with pc problems, and get her favorite buns, even if you need to walk extra? YOU!!!! You are so fast to judge yourself as a failure, I feel that I must show you otherwise!! You might think those things are minor to you, but to me, they MEAN EVERYTHING!!! You are never alone in this world, you will always have good friends, who will never ever judge you for anything!!! Even your mother and our sisters will agree! And there's no such thing as a 'good blogger' or a 'bad blogger'. This is your own personal space, to express your own views and feelings. If they dun understand, that's their own problem! You may or have not heard about my own problems. But if you do, all of your shortfalls are nothing compared to mine