Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am moving backward

No typo error above. I really moving backward. The feeling is so suck that my brain is totally blank right now. No feeling, no nothing! Why am I still have to do something that I use to do in the past for today? Why must I push myself back to the past? I wanna move on. I suppose to have a new life.

Time to think hard so that I know what is the thing that I need to get rid of.

*note - I am editing the post after a NAP

Can't believe that I am that tired until I actually fall asleep after dinner at 9:30 till not 11:30. Haven't shower yet cos I am thinking what will happen if I go shower and gain back all the energy? Never mind, life still go on. Looking at my sister beside me who fall asleep already but massaging her leg at the same time. So enjoy in her own world. I may consider doing the same later after shower.

Anyway, this week I am quite happy with everything I have done so far. Keep it up and hope that nobody screw me up further. Saw a FB post from my colleague that is kind of sick of the current job.... I do agree with that as their is no challenge anymore in this job but lot of shit. Let look forward for my stupid BMC to complete my diploma course so that I can have a better chance to prepare for new challenge somewhere else. BOSS suck hard as useless people keep staying around me whereby those people have better quality support all those idiot....! GO TO HELL and get your KARMA!

*note again - I am just after shower continues this post 12:00 now

Refresh after shower, really! Jialet.... anyway, since I start this stupid job topic and my BOSS is already involve here. I might as well go all the way. To dear boss, if you happen to not knowing what I am talking above - you are IDIOT! If you know what i am talking above - you are simply a person who like people to lick your Fxxxing boots that you wearing everyday that is why all those useless people may stay around, doing nothing and JUST LICK LICK LICK your boots.

Somehow I was chatting with one of the user today and complaining how useless is application team people when their application not running and start blaming the PC got problem. Yet, this application engineer saw the chat box. User was saying that lucky my name has been changed but who care. I am just stating the fact and I am afraid of no one. Come and challenge me with the knowledge on trade floor.... I am fucking 3 years old here!!!! And to add in more oil. My colleague ask me why I am still here after 3 years of torture. Errrmmmm.... Can I slap him? Why must ask this kind of question when you know the answer? Never mind, I am just glad that I am still here. I am just glad that I know all the good people here. All I really want to do is to transform myself into someone that change the usual way of work flow to make them all suit it my way before I move on. Everything is in my hand, I choose my life! I own it!

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