Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Penalty Kick - Watch more free videos

Crazy boy play game... think most of you see before but with subtitle

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Still Funny to me...

"N" years ago... when windows 98 intro to the world

Can "ANG MO" train GONG FU?

Pepsi or Coka?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Everything go wrong....

Today NBA final SanAntio Spur give LeBORN James 4-0. What a final.... no fight at all. Insert song in my girlfriend IPOD using itune of course. But after the software upgrade, I don't know am I an idiot or the software totally suck. I can't even see what song inside the ipod. Even I click sync now, the new song don't seem like want to go into the ipod. OOoo... such a software still call itself user friendly??? How about my WeWA mp3 whereby you can just drag and drop the song in and listen? Which one seem to be faster?

My parent worry about my elder young sister. Cos she go missing for 2 day. Not sure I did the right thing or not to let my parent know even they in HONG KONG. Let them so worry about it. Just wanna apology to my younger sister that I don't mean to tell them but both of you don't seem like wanna to communicate with me. I know I myself also have a period of time totally change. And both of you also out of idea how to deal with me. End up also let parent know. So, you should know how I feel right now especially everyone is so busy with their own life... even the DOG also busy mark his territory at home. Planning to lock him in kitchen better....

Got to work OT again... tired! Anyway, Sunday really can rest myself... hopefully nothing trouble me ba....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Fighting hard in life...

Wow... lot of thing in my mind. Wanna do alot of thing this years and hopefully I got enough time to finish them all. First of all is my study, wanna get a diploma for myself... at least!!! haha... second is learn everything in my new job right now within next month. Hong Kong trip, car license, Build a new home sweet home for us(it mean move to a new house...)haha...

Today watch MotoGP, Rossi get second. But when you watch how he fight in the race. You can see his passion and the spirit that he have. Although his Yamaha bike not very good in straight road. He chase up the time during his turning. Make use of own self strength point to catch up the weak point. Kind of good lesson for me.

Tiger Attack Video (scare dun see hor)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Yeah... Cheer for england! back in form again... after beckham and owen back to squard. Beckham really never disappoint me just like motogp Rossi. Let have a look at the goal

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Life is wonderful

Today motogp, my idol valentino Rossi win lor! Cheer!!! Beside David Becham also prove himself in England soccer team. And me, of course... and other milestone to my life after move on to Treasuy department support. Salary sure increase la, but most important I enjoy the job of what I doing now. I can learn alot alot of thing until my brain full capacity. Software already have more than 20 application. And I also have to due with server, tape backup and etc... many many thing have to learn, and I have to really improve myself to suit the environment.

Anyway, I just feel that everyday is a great day to me. Everyday I got to push myself hard to learn. Lot of thing have to settle, but bit by bit... It will finish soon.

MotoGP... watched it and enjoy it so much...