Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our business world

Something that I would try to bring in because this thing is very HOT in Jap and Kor...

This world is about marketing. MacDonald's hamburger and Microsoft Windows are the best example. They are not the best and yet they earn the most due to their intelligent marketing. If I have a pinpoint out the main advantage of their success. I will have to say, Macdonald have a small burger which suit asian that is why they can lower down their cost to attract customers. Beside that they are just around the corner when you feel hungry. The most important is how they block out their kitchen from the front desk. Mac provide you a good view of what is happening inside whereby others just show nothing. So that you don't feel comfort when you consume their food.
Microsoft sell their windows to suit PC for the whole world whereby MAC only can install on their own hardware. This is the most important move that made the different. But as the price of two worlds getting closer. MAC may over take eventually.

Everyone is moving... talent is hiding

2 things that make up my day, the very first one is the video below.

A group of band that performance live in HK MRT using iPhone. Of course there will be some people don't like this kind of thing. But most of the HK people do support them cos leak of local talent. As technology moving more advance, the way they present themselves changed to the next level. iPhone and portable speaker has been used for attract attention. Youtube is the most powerful media in this world right now. Soon they will be invite to some special event to populate their band. Wish that more people will be able to show off their talent in their "right" field.

2nd thing that made me impress is a guy who I saw on my way home. He was using a headphone without wire attach and found a white color thing appear on the black headphone. So I went near to look for some clue and happen to found out that he roll the wire on the headphone plastic part which then attach to the white color iPod shuffle that clicked on the HP. From my point of view, he can be someone to invent the NEW iPod shuffle headphone. But he just do it in an ugly way. I wish I can be the one to modify this gadget soon. Hope I will be able to meet someone in the plastic field as well as good speaker provider. haha

P.S. finally I manage to change the layout of my blog which allow big youtube video to play in full size.

Happen to think of this song again... touching video

Friday, September 25, 2009

Looking for future as well as treasure my past

Without my stupid future, how to make up the ME right now? Sometime I am glad of whatever I did in the past that provide me a good lesson to learn. I still have lot of things to learn before become the real me.

Thank you my dear sister that come over and stay for 3 nights. When ever I hear her voice when I going to fall asleep. I feel so touch that our family is back again. But I have to learn that nothing will last forever. She have her new life to start and lot of things she have to face in the future. Anyway, life is like that... we come alone and we go back alone. Right?

F1 is such a headache to me, cos I have to walk so far to work and end up my knee cap give way. Pain on my right leg and hopefully it will get recover soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

This world is so funny

F1 singapore GP just release some news about playing so called "cheat" during race. Do you think that is cheat? When the manager order his own man to collide his race car? And just happen that his team mate able to make it as 1st? haha... So that mean manager can't control their man at all? How about soccer? How about basketball? How about American Football? What a joke man. He is just so clever to make use of the specific thing that only happen in Singapore Road racing that the safety car will need a big turn to recover all the F1 car. I think, they are making themselves like a clown in front of the world.

I reread the rich dad, poor dad book again. And I realise that what ever I doing now is no different from the majority still. I have to give myself some space to think about my future.

Heard from my mum that some of my relative facing some major illness. I am so sad so sad. But what can I do for them? I am still thinking. Hope they will get better soon. Especially my dear guy cousin that treat us so good whereby he have kidney problem.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life is not simple

Getting my self run again after so long. Running 5K when ever I go for a run. Cos I just want to train up my IPPT so that when I run 2.4 will be NO kick to me.

Not very sure what happen to again. Cos they are updating their product right now. WIll know it soon and post it here once I know what is new.

Still waiting for my stupid iPhone 3Gs to be arrive. No update from singtel. That mean I have to wait till Oct. Not very big issue to me as I getting use of my old SonyEricsson phone.

Exam is over and I have to work extra hard for my next paper. Because I don't think I did well on my last paper. If I able to pass. I will be so happy that share my joy here.

Our world is changing very fast. Not very sure what will be next. But as long as I am able to catch up the rhythm and upgrade myself to prepare for the next big thing. I believe I will be able to find opportunity to make me rich.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

ICT is fun

Just came back from my annual ICT. Lot of fun and enjoy weeks in there. Having all my old friends with me to do what ever "stupid" exercise. Got myself injure when climbing up the military lorry when I hold my rifle and left only one hand to do the stun. Haha... I deserve it cos I never follow the instruction of mounting up. Anyway, I got a certificate to justify my contribution for my unit which is best Breaching section. Is about cutting the Razor wire without getting enemy spotted. Or else I will have to risk my life to put in Bomb to blow the wire away if detected by Enemy. Great experience whereby I have to crawl here and there, get myself sweat and dirty as well as mosquito bite.
Found myself so fat when wearing my 7 years ago uniform. But the lucky thing is that I get the chance to change to new one. Which is the ugly digital uniform that you found one the street. Haha... Ugly but still have to wear.

Apple just launch new iPod Nano that feature camera and video function that build into that small device. Amazing quality and it is useful for quick video and photo capture. Price is great and may consider getting in as a gift for someone.

Found the Singtel website that they start selling iPhone 3Gs in certain location. I think they also have not much stock as the demand is great here. Why the demand is great? Becos the selling price of the device is $1500. Those who need quick money can sign up the plan with $0 and sell away.