Saturday, August 7, 2010


Stomach Pain (due to lack of foods and drinks for the past 12 hrs) --> Woke up from sleep on Sofa --> Big business @ T --> Blog reply from B --> Hot shower --> EVERYTHING SEEM TO BE BETTER NOW!

Since I was able to point out all my mistakes. I already knew the question in my mind. I will have to look for the answer to solve everything out and my life will be back on track.....

The most mysteries thing happen on my social network. My friend's list was getting smaller and smaller. Sound logical? I don't think so... but somehow I am experiencing it. Never mind, get rids of those ah Zhu and ah Gou from my life and keep all my best friends. Best friends not "true" friends that they declared themselves to be.

Thank you for all the concern from my friends. My life is not that suck yet.... Have a laugh on below video clip.

11:56am I realized how important is a blog as well as daily. They are the best friend for those people who do not have close friend. Yeah.... I have become part of this gang. Anyway when I reached home last night. My mother sensed that I was not in good mood. She asked me what happen and I kept quiet. Early in the morning she went to market and got my favorite drink. Sweet.... and Thank you mother! Only you know me well


Unknown said...

Glad to know you have put everything is perspective. There is nothing wrong with the social network list getting shorter & shorter. That always happen to me when I change mobile number. Sorry for the late response, as I was also caught up with my own personal problems. Can't wait for all of it to be over, but there might take a few more years.

SimonFeiXiang said...

Hey... you better take care of yourself. Always look on the bright side of life. But somehow I started to doubt my point "everything is in your hand". Everything will be out of your hand if somebody started to ruin your life. But you have to believe in yourself that somehow you will be able to work in out someway, sometime... not now but later

Unknown said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I just hope you will not follow in my feel such hate and anger towards 1 person