Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Found my artwork online

Here is the link to Gizmodo and my pic is the one that count from bottom 3rd.... haha!

Will keep myself very active in this event so that I can upgrade my photo taking skill.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is not about compare but do the best of yourself

After a very great adventure weekend and holiday at Tioman. I have learn something that life can be very simple but at the same time we are the one who making it complicated. We can just have our 3 meals per day and we still living in this world happily. Or we can have the whole world and yet we don't even feel satisfy.

Yes, I do agree everything is just within our own self but what kind of
life we want to be? Since we are in this big city that mean we choose to be complicated. We are the one who want to fight for our life. To climb as high as possible, to earn as much as we can, to do everything for our love one..... This is what we choose and if you don't wish to be this way. You always can choose to be like those people who stay in Tioman island which lead a simple life. And they enjoy themselves so much that can bring their happiness toward us.

After all these serious though, I have submitted a photo to GIZMODO for a challenge which is about HDR... here I show you the photo below.

We will have to see this picture will even appear on the link here.

Good luck Simon

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Post before trip

Is been a long while that I never make a trip out of Singapore. And I hope that this will be a relax trip for me as I have a tons of thing that have to settle when I back to singapore on Next Monday. Do enjoy and hope that I bring enough of EVERYTHING to there.... haha! Don't understand what talking me.....

I do realize that the excitement no longer there but I am kind of happy as I didn't expect much from there too. So, anything that happen during this trip will be a bonus to me. It should be that way ba.... I think this is the best thinking that keep for travel out of the CITY..... MMMMM....

by the way.... next month will buy myself a gift after EXAM as this month working hard as well as doing project hard. Above picture is a timer machine which help my beloved Canon 550D to take picture with time control. So that I can enforce more on my Miniature project. Hehe

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dream come true.... you will

We are have a dream in our mind. Some like me will have even more than 1 dream. I have learn that dream can be achieve and is like a goal for us. I have learn that everything is so possible in our life. But the problem will always that what you really want in your life. You can have a dream of being the richest man in the world but what you going to do next with all the wealth that you have? You may have a person in mind that you are so admire in life. But what you going to do when you don't even have the quality to provide happiness in the relationship?

If you want change in your life.... first change yourself and everything will start to change!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

iPhone 4.0 OS

Here is the latest update for iPhone OS which feature Multitasking and better mail management. I know that I am late for this news but I am just trying to figure out why steve job have to do so much to introduce 7 wonders.

Actually a lot of things that happen in this event is targeting on Windows mobile 7. And I know what steve job was trying to say when the Cut and Paste function took APPLE development team so long to launch it. APPLE just want to have different view on the same problem and be better than anyone else. I like the way it classify the important of the multitask problem. Steve job has already known that multitasking is being enable on iPhone through jailbreak. But he wanna get a better implementation from all the freelance developer. So even jailbreak is so popular in the market but he never stop them from developing cos he would like to have a better understanding on the software configuration as well as the hardware performance.

Friday, April 2, 2010

iPad for me? SURE! why not????

This little thing has been known by almost the whole world who know about APPLE inc. The very first day when they announced to launch I have a lot of question mark on why should I get this. But as time goes by and more apps available for iPad. I know what is really happening now. They first thing that I will go for it is because both of my hand is so sick about putting on mouse and keyboard any more. Whole body is in pain as PC has so less shortcut to faster work flow. Although most of the people saying that iPad is just a bigger version of iPhone or iPod touch. The space for work is increase a lot. Imagine you using it to VNC your home PC? How about reading book and play Command and conquer on it? It is going to be the greatest thing ever that every one would like to have. Trust me.....

Today went for my photo shooting but I have declare it as fail. As I am not well prepare myself for the trip. Mosquito is my enemy during the shoot out and I have given up half way. Sad case but manage to create a video clip about it.

A lady was mention on my previous blog and somebody asked me who is it? So who do you think? Of course is someone who is elder than me that why will stuck some sense in my brain la..... Those little girl will never have that kind of though.

Here come inuyasha

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Found my true friend

Today is my great day as I haven't hear any truth feeling from deep down of others heart toward me. I do agree with what she said as true friend just have to sit side by side and don't have to say anything but will have a very peace feeling.

Tomorrow will be a very good friday as I plan to go for my first DSLR trip to the nearest park. Lot of though flowing thru my brain as I have to take the greatest picture and video combine them to become my first movie.

Trying to upload the last episode of my favorite animation "INUYASHA" to YouTube but fail as it don't allow video that longer than 10 mins. Anyway, if you don't surf me well. I will able to look for other alternative to provide me a better services.