Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time to Grow Up AGAIN!!!

Seem like I still not able to see this BEAUTIFUL world. Everything Happened not according to my plan. People come and go from my life without warning. Even how much effort I put in to achieve something. But nothing seem to be happen or problems keep hitting me. I am so sick of it... Trying to figure out what is really happen and lucky I have this song for my sad period.

Very nice song and I repeated it for more than 10 times. At least something stuck in my head to keep me busy by remember the Lyric.

Change is good? or bad? What will happen if I trying something new in my life? Who will love the most? HAI.... troublesome SIMON here...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Always not able to get what you EXPECTED

You let go Most of your best CHANCES
Spending money before ages 30, very Happy
Spending money after ages 30, Most Happy

Working hard before ages 30, very TIRED
Working hard still after ages 30, Most TIRED

You can't resist your life from going FORWARD

Someday, I meet you and we found LOVE

If we not able to stay together forever, it mean that we lack of FATE.
And since we have no FATE with each other, what is the point to feel REGRET?

Don't purposely change yourself because of someone else,
it is meaningless.
He don't even love the REAL you, how about someone that no longer you yourself anymore?

REST? don't forget someone still running around you

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Imagine driving a 2 seated sport car flying on the road. 3 different persons need a ride from you.

1, Someone you like
2, a doctor who need to rush for to do an operation
3, a patient who need an operation

Which one you will choose?

If you take the one that you like. You will indirectly killing 2 persons life. But if you take the doctor, the patient not able to receive treatment and your "like" one will hate you. What to do?

Answer: Give up your car to the doctor and let him drive the patient to hospital together. And you can have all your own sweet time to spend with your "like" one.

Life trilogy:

Life first half:
Pursues successfully (make use of others strength to achieve success)

Life second half:
To pursue wisdom (apportions own success to others)

Life last second half:
To pursue value (leaves behind life value to descendant)

Serious Question here....


Before further Associate with your love one. Ask yourself

Any condition exchange when you like this person?
Are you escaping from something that bother your life?
Are you trying to change this person’s life?

If your answer is yes to any of the above 3 questions. You should leave your partner right now. Because he/she will live better without you around.

Monday, November 24, 2008

心態的力量 Sharing this here... I have lot of though from here...

The strength of the strength,
mindset of the mindset

The daughter complains toward the father,
everything is all very difficult.
She hards put to cope with a life,
seem a problem just resolve, t
he new problem appeared again,
she was some tired.


The father is a cook,
bringing in the kitchen to her.

He goes toward first to pour
into some waters in three people's pot,
then puts on the prosperous fire.

Soon, boiling.

He goes toward an one mouthful to
put some carrots in pot,
putting into the egg in the second pot,
putting to become the coffee bean
of the powder into the third pot.

20 after minute,
the father closed fire,
getting out carrot,
putting to go into a bowl,
getting out an egg,
putting to go into a pot,
then ladling up the coffee to a cup.

The father turns round to ask a daughter:

"Kid, what do you come in sight of?""

Carrot, egg, coffee.

"She say.

He lets her close to some, touch carrot.

She takes notice of him them to become soft.

The father lets the daughter
take an egg again,
breaking it, shelling hull,
this is a cook of egg.

the father lets her drink
an one mouthful coffee.

Taste to the very thick coffee,
the daughter smile,
the calm voice asked a way:

"Father, what does this mean?"

The father says three kind things
face same adverse circumstances-boil
of boiled water.

But its reflection is each not same.

The carrot goes in to be strong
and fructify before the pot,
putting into the boiled water,
it become soft,become weak.

The egg is originally crumbly,
the very thin outer shell protects
the internal organs of the liquid,
once the boiled water cook,
the internal organs become hard.

The powder form coffee bean
then is very special,
entering boiling water,
they changed a water then.

Canned learn the carrot,
egg and coffee bean before the difficulties
and adverse circumstances,
can accept defeat,
can also become stronger-even
can change environment.

The father say:

Your change not environment,
but can change an oneself;

Your change settle a dispute actually,
but can change an attitude;

Your change not past,
but can change now;

You have no command over others,
but can control an oneself;

You can't predict tomorrow,
but can hold today;

You can't be everything smooth,
but can be devote with fact;

You can't or so weather,
but can change a mood;

You can't change facial appearance,
but can emerge smiling face;

the mindset sometimes compares
what all important.

Happy life guidebook

Correct immediately
while discovering mistake.

The poem phrase song that keeps
firmly in mind oneself's fancy endow with.

Don't interrupt the other people's
compliment to you.

Read some books more,
watch some televisions less.

The opinion be unsuited to,
can argue by reasoning,
but can't insult and humiliate the other party.

Bear in mind:

The great love needs to emit tremendous risk
with outstanding achievement all.

Respect other people,
respect an oneself,
be responsible for own behavior.

If fail,
never forget the precept of[with] failure.

While being you to remember past years
so over the life of[with] the happiness
and the dignity,
can enjoy life again and happily.

The thought and knowledge shared you
with other people much,
is attain immortal of one of the path.

The rule want to understand,
but don't defend to the death,
master to improvise.

You of the personality be you of destiny.

Measure success with the price of pay.

Smile to connect to hear a telephone,
the other party will feel you of smile.

Prepare to accept new thing at any time,
but don't throw away
the thing that should cherish.

Failure is an option

We need to learn and accept our failure. Modify the way we look and find a new way to make it success. Time will tell everything...!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wonderful APPLE

Upgraded my iPhone to firmware 2.2 and did a stress test on it. Wonderful respond without crash. I listen to music while I surfing my net which contain a lot of pictures. It always crash my safari or my music will hang. But not for this update... So impress on how APPLE fix this bugs. I am not sure what is going on whether APPLE really fix the bugs or they want user to upgrade the firmware in order to break the piracy. Which I think is according to their plan just like how Microsoft spread around the rumors of having a strong virus and update hotfix. So that Microsoft will able to catch those user who using Pirated WINDOWS.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Unpredictable world

By slashing 50,000 of employee in order to save cost. Citibank went to the wrong direction, stock price drop and now force to sell assets. No one can predict what is the outcome in town hall later.

Sad to see such a huge bank stock price drop like free fall.

It prove that what you want will never be what you get.... (in the first place) but I have faith in Citi.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monopoly GOOD?

I start to realize how Great to be part of APPLE MONOPOLY. Everything simply work with each and others. My iPhone able to control iTune on my MAC as well as on PC. Wireless setup is easy, effortless on editing movie as well. No extra driver or software to be install. Safari pop up almost immediate when I double click the icon. Music is nicely arrange by iTune. iCalender help me keep track of my schedule as well as public holiday which can download from Video camcorder can plug straight in and edit using iMovie.

That is something microsoft can't do at all even though they start this game first.

I believe in doing the best and push to the limit. Why should apple make so many Laptop like SONY do? So many different series, so many price range, spec almost look the same. That is the whole industry have to aware of.

Friendster is down on the 2nd day. Rumors about this .com company is closing soon. Anyway, after a few day of trying on this website. I feel that they deserve to be in this situation whereby FACEBOOK is on top of this social network. A little bit more of user friendly and more easy hostname. Everything changed...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Top Video of the day

XiaoZhu = Aaron Kok?

NBA fight

Hong Kong government again.... HAI

Little Puppies

Monday, November 10, 2008


Technology shorter the distance that we supposed to have. With handphone, internet and TV as our media to connect each others. Pay bills using SAM machine instead of queue up at Post office, obtain news from internet or TV instead of newspaper, SMS and email instead of write letters, make a call on handphone instead of street phone, listen to song on MP3 player instead of cassette tape. Our life totally change within 10 years and it still improving. 

We use to gain wealth with a piece of fertile land which can produce food. As technology getting advanced, we turn rocky land to high rise building or factory. We change the game totally. From junk to something treasure. From big and fertile land to small and rocky land. What is next now?

Look at Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Ebay... what is common in all these company? Is just a simple idea and virtual space for them to grow and earn money. 

I just insert back my ringtone column with the latest Jay chow album. New column for the website that I always go. Enjoy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Term and Condition

Mark PaperMaster is supposes to join APPLE as iPod chief developer. But due to the term and Condition that restrict by previous owner IBM. He has to cease work and involve himself in this court case. According to the agreement with IBM, he cannot join competitor if he leave the company within a year. Why is such T&C apply on so many different field of job? If a soccer player not able to join competitor within a year of leaving his club? I think a lot of player already sat at home a long time. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The challenger for iPhone

T-mobile G1

BlackBerry Storm

Here Come the Worst ever Copy Cat

Overall, I feel that Nokia may threaten iPhone due to the interface. It can provide 4 different kind of input. Include finger, Pen, handwrite and touch Keypad.

The worst one is the iorange... Copy... same anyway

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

iPhone from different views

I am so glad to have iPhone with me everyday and night. Especially this 2 days when I have to report work at Jurong whereby is hard to find your way at factory area. My iPhone GPS doing well in order to guide me.

But others don't see the same like me. They find that by launching iTune to Sync with iPhone is a kind of waste time. I will say if music, video and photo are all control by the same application and sync in one shot. It will reduce a lot of time and effort.

Blue Tooth not able to transfer files is a way to restrict iPhone to leak out corporate information. As well as not able to send contact information.