Thursday, August 5, 2010

I got myself a complaint

I have received a complaint from one of my close friend mentioned that my blog contained a lot of grammar mistake and hard to understand. This close friend of mine gave up on reading my blog eventually and logged a complain to the blog owner. Oh god.... It is time to do something about it. So, from today onward I am going to spend more time on correcting grammar mistake on each of my upcoming post.

Somehow I would like to thank you my friend for spending so much time and tried so hard to understand some of my stupid posts that not written in english (of course I wrote every posts in english but in broken term).

4 more days to my annual reservist. I have a lot of things have to pack this time round. And I am going to get more foods on this sunday. I will be able to talk cock sing song with all my old buddies soon.


Unknown said...

Good luck with your training! Train hard & be safe! 4 more days to go, hopefully still got more blogs to read :)

Scorpio said...

1) complain is a verb... so you cannot say a complain... shld use complaint instead, which is a noun.. or you can change the whole sentence to "One of my close friend complained that my blog..."

2) "spend more time on correct my grammar" ... shld use "correcting" instead..

got a few more, but teacher here busy at work... haha.. pls check...