Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to irritating blog

Haha... I just put the stupid music element beside of my blog which is the song that I keep listening for most of my day. Hope people will like it as well as the blog background has been change due to I need a new image to present myself to the world.

I am trying hard to get myself back to track once again. Hopefully everything will work it out the way I want it to be after my reservist for 3 weeks. That is a very long reservist I ever have. Just pray hard that our A-Tech will pass and I don't have to do much for the next 3 years. Yeah!!!!

Lost and Gain... No pain No gain!!! Everyone only have 24 hrs per day. How to squeeze so many things in a day without screw it up? That will need a lot of planning and determination.

Some friends of mine in office that claim to be my "true friend" has blocked me in a chat software. That is TRUE friend..... thank for leave me as soon as I fully put my trust in you. That is the way how people treat me when I have nothing to contribute. When I have no common topic. When I just trying my best to be friend with them. When I did so much yet I have ask for nothing in return. THANK YOU!!!! YOU have let me see the real world....


Unknown said...

Nice background, plus a chirpy song too! You'll be all right, everything will surely turn out okay

SimonFeiXiang said...

Thank you... you are the one that keep me going! Cheers

Anonymous said...

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