Saturday, August 14, 2010

You know it? Really Know it? Shut up please....

Trying hard not to listen to others conversation as I knew that I am going to be frustrated by them. But somehow my left ear was having some hearing problem and it leaded me to listen much more carefully on any sound.

I am not the best in anything but somehow the best thing that I knew about is technology. People around me was so affected by the stupid iPhone 4 antenna problem which IT WASN'T A PROBLEM AT ALL. May all people around me stop mentioned it again.

I will try to look for some special spare time to play around my new accessary for my 550D.... the thing that I waited for so long.

Mmmm.... using those normal handphone is such a pleasure that they don't really need to charge so often compare to iPhone. But the consequences is that, nothing to play with it... only call and sms! Stupid!!!

Sammi still the best and I like the lyric so much... sweet!

Wa... HeBe new song and the way it film the video is so nice! I can learn from it

p.s. After typing this not very long blog... my finger itchy again.... scratching hard now!

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