Sunday, August 8, 2010

Missing.... things

My room is full of junks and I realized that I lost something important. I have been looking for it up and down before I remembered that "thing" was lend to someone. I will have to arrange my leave application next week so that I will be able to rearrange my room as well as re-decorate it.

The iPhone's earphone always spoil at the right time when I am going to change to the next version. Good job steve.... or should I say good job simon who like to put it anyhow?

I was trying to bring my laptop out to living room for blogging. But I carelessly stepped on my Brandy's leg. Oops... Sorry! Brandy!!!

I was watching "家好月圓“ and realized that TVB show like to pair up a couple whose were in different society's level. Hahaha.... I will be able to predict every single show in the future for those TVB series.

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