Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to civil life

I think I am suffering inside the stupid camp rather than enjoy. Most of my body system has been destroyed by this in camp training.

  • My right ear is "Weeeeeee" now... can't really hear properly due to some idiot firing beside me.
  • Both of my hands suffer heavy attack by Mosquito during our night exercise. Pic below

  • Legs suffer from Boots that long haven't been wear. Bruise on them but lucky I didn't get blister during my 8 km walk thanks to the Lovely protect stickers.

  • Shoulder in pain due to carry of heavy weapons. Why I have so many heavy weapons? All those people in the world know how to CHOA KENG... I am the only one who don't but somehow people still think that I am not hardworking enough.
  • Back pain due to sit in the Armor Vehicle for more than few hours in the same position.
  • My left Jaw still in pain whenever I was trying to open my mouth to eat
  • Left wrist suppose to be recover from last year injury when I was in Camp training. But the pain is back this year again.
I even carried some of my phobia to this year whereby I suffer a fall from the army lorry. I don't dare to carry more than 2 things when I climb up the lorry. Such a Useless me.... Sad!!! Last time i can even jump over some low wall without any problem. But this year both my legs were cramp in the mid air of the jump. And landed with a crappy pattern.

I love the song below so much that is from ITO YUNA....

"Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure"

p.s. After my mum looked at my hands, she cried and blame the government for bring her son to this kind of place for torture. My answer to that is..... Low Education + Don't know how to Choa Keng = The idiot in life = Simon Liu

actually I ate very very little when I was in camp. 3 days never went to do big business.... cos less intake = Less Output


Unknown said...

Let me say this to u 1st... 'WELCOME BACK!!!' After 'seeing' so many injuries, better be more careful when you bk to camp again. Doesn't matter if pple think you not hardworking enough, doesn't matter if you have any phobia, or landing with a stupid pattern....the most important thing is to return home after your training SAFE AND SOUND!! Dun let your mummy worry too much.

SimonFeiXiang said...

Still got 2 more weeks to go... Hai....! somemore they like to train at night. Stupid!!! enough

Will I able to take leave after my reservist? Help me dahan 2 more days can?

Unknown said...

There is no such thing as 'tahan' between friends! There is only helping each other out!! :0 And to answer your 1st question.. Of Course!!!!

SimonFeiXiang said...

Then I go apply lor... yeah!!! Can rest 2 more days to form a 4 days leave... wahahah!

Scorpio said...


In life, do juz enuff for others... called tis selfishness... but tis is survival...