Monday, June 28, 2010

Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文 MV - How To Cry 如何掉眼淚

is how I feel right now....!


When all the things that you do is no longer appreciate by others.... what will you do? For my case, I will just simply give up and move on. As the love that you give is not worth it anymore. Of course this line will never apply on family member as they are part of my blood.

Is being too tired to carry on, doing so much yet no one ever care. Is time to focus, focus and focus on SIMON LIU's Life.... Get myself better and let my action speak for itself

Sunday, June 27, 2010


After a night of "FUN" and getting over it for the whole morning till now.... which is 3:30 PM. I have set up myself some of the point that is very critical in my life. Base on the book "the DIP" from Seth Godin I have really quit some of the activities that making no sense to myself in my life. Time for all these things to be out of my life and making more room for my 2 years plan that going to make up my past 30 years of life.

Time is no longer waiting for me. I have to really choose on those things that I need and even people that affect me!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

APPLE is so great once again

On the APPLE WWDC, steve job has announcement the new iPhone software (iOS 4) to be launch yesterday. And stated out some of the improvement that it have. The problem here is that not only those that mention by steve is great. Even those improvement that not in the list is really the best in the world. I will afraid that HTC will close shop very soon. As more and more developer working so hard for APPLE. And one day, there will be a name called SIMON LIU inside. I believe in it.

Today, I am so lucky that I manage to Download 2 books that can provide me information to create apps for iPhone. I was suppose to get that book in Kinokuniya last week but I got it today so luckily. I have downloaded some audio book as well and hope that iPad will launch soon so that I can put up all my information into it.

I really believe that iPad will make a very good start to the APPLE empire as the screen size and the orientation is everyone looking toward it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

From Zero to Hero - Artest

From the bad boy who punch the fans

Till the Man in Game 7 to grab his very own champion Ring.
How much changes he have in his life. Everyone deserve a second chance but all up to your own self to take it or leave it. Ron Artest choose to take it BEAUTIFULLY. He is the man who learn through all his mistake in this short season which only have 9 months. Even a bad boy like him can be changed. What about us? What about me? Believe in yourself and do what you WANT!!!

The will to fight

Congratulation Lakers.....

From 13 points short to win the championship. How much how work had they put into the game. How much their will to win.... if you able to replay this game once more time. The emotion that flow in your heart is never be replace by anything like that.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lakers or Celtics

You all know that I am a Lakers fans but I have my argument here is that Lakers is a team that build up according to Kobe Bryant and they are more or less like Chicago Bulls. I like this way as I feel like I am growing up with them at the same time.

Celtics they bought the big 3 in the same season. KG, Paul and Allen. Is no big deal as you have money to get all the great player together. I don't like the way NBA that act like a soccer game. Whereby those club which have alot of money can get those good player and win the champion.

My prediction using economist calculation looking at the NBA final game 7 will be Lakers Win. As a NBA commissional you have to let the world know that not only money can settle everything and lakers is the team that everyone support. I can see that lot of forum have criticize lakers but not many people counter them. What does it prove here? It prove that the fans of lakers believe them in heart but not just talking junk anywhere.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game 6 in NBA final for Laker

I really appreciate how Kobe Bryant handle this crucial game in his life. He have the heart to win as well as his team. He able to motivate his teammate to get the job done. This year is still belong to Lakers. I put my faith on them.

Life have it up and down. As I going to lose my hope on Lakers for how they lose their Game 5. They put me back into it again in Game 6. This year is not a very good start as Valentino Rossi suffer from accident and Lakers lose 3 game in NBA final.

I tot everything has gone so wrong but yet, Faith is the only thing that keep me going.

Update on the APPLE side

iPhone 4 is launching soon. THe preorder in US has been fully booked as white color the first which out of stock. That is totally crazy on the new iPhone as it step onto the game changer again.

You may think that facetime is just a 3G video call. But think about it again when you use on your 3G video call that have a very lousy quality? FaceTime is suppose to give you a smooth an high quality call and host the video conference in a blink of time. The added in Three-axis Gyro will able to provide developer on game side to create more exciting game that change the world once again.
Mac Mini has update it line and added in Aluminum body which look so SEXY and small. I hate this refresh as I just bought my mum the old version which happen few months ago. Anyway, APPLE once again squeeze all the component into this small space that provide the power of a PC. APPLE ROCK!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Life is like a building

If you wanna achieve the max in your life. Please think about building... if you wish to be tall and nice looking building. You must have a great foundation. This one, everyone know about it. But did anyone think of the process of building it? or purely imagine what is going to be when build up?

Most people lack of this stage and never have a chance to come close to their dream. I also trying to figure out how to make my building tall. Is a learning stage to everyone but I will have to figure out asap as my time is not enough for myself anymore. Once I build up my own family, I will have no time for myself but have to think of others.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Somewhere near... somewhere far

Finally I got myself a copy of Adobe After Effect on my MAC. Still trying to figure out on how to fully use all the functions. But I already get addicted to it. I wish I will be able to product my very first professional Video on line and impress everyone.

iPhone 4 is out and the development kits will be out soon too. Is time for me to start gathering codeing so that I will be able to write APPS for iPhone as Android is coming after APPLE. I wish I can do my part to make iPhone a better platform to hit GOOGLE hard on that.

Again, I love my MAC, my iPhone and all the software that APPLE has build. Waiting for the iPad launch in SG. All the best Simon

Sunday, June 6, 2010

After 2 exams.... relax

Really long time no see for him... and he is getting too much this time by touching the lady "BEEP".... haha!

Time to settle those which cannot settle during the period of my PREPARE exam time. Is time for me to do something meaningful... is time now! I need to settle most of my outstanding "JOB" which is belong to my own world of course... who will care about the stupid job that I have right? As no one would appreciate what you do but take the credit that you earn. Wahaha!

He is the best

Last year I have follow all of my 30 yrs old idol for a strike in my life. Today, one of my hero down, rossi the best in MotoGP. Is time for him to have a good rest as he is working so hard in his life. But never the less, who can really have this kind of rest in their life when they are in the peak of it? I think he is very upset about this incident but from my point of view I will agree that he should rethink his life rather than stuck himself in the Motogp. Is time for him to change.