Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kobe is another Jordan

that is the way a great player should be. No tamper and fully focus in the game. Do the right things to achieve the result.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Progresses

Everything in my life have no progresses at all... Job, skill, future, love and money..... all these things have no progresses at all.

Today got my first site for iPhone programming. I will learn from there

What I really want in my life still a very big question mark. Trying to gather all the important things in my life in order to get myself work hard on it.

Would like to repaint my whole room to white in color and buy all the new furniture so that I can have a "new life".... sort of at least

Apple updated it macbook white... I will have to figure out should I trade in my old macbook which get back $500 and buy a new one. ***Calculating***

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Am i not talented?

Have seem so many of video and photo that done by others. I found that my skill is alot lousy than them. Yes, I did said that as long as we have the will to learn. Nothing is impossible. But from the way I progress. I found that my talent is just a little bit higher than normal people but far behind those outstanding person. What should I do? Should I take down every single movie and photo in order to get inspiration? Suddenly think of this song. That is why I put below to share

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deepest though

I have been with my MAC for 2 years and I think I have wasted a lot of time on it. Not saying I should stick with windows and try on MAC. But I should explore MAC and start doing some programming for it instead.

You may see that I am progressing in life as
I study for my course and learning MAC. But in fact, without my Diploma course which distract me from focus on MAC programming. I might be a iPhone programming right now and have my own application that sell in Apps Store.

What should I do? Is a very good question for me to answer now

Just got this little sexy APPLE extreme as my Linksys wireless G die in front of me...... Hate it!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another day of torture

I am so moody toward what I think of during my journey to work. I was thinking when I going to get married as the TAXI uncle mentioned some of his friend passed away. I need to do something for myself. But at the same time I achieve nothing right now. I really need to clear up all my outstanding event in order to work toward my future. I feel that Lazy is the biggest enemy in our life. Lot of things that we plan can't be complete due to lazy. And we always told ourselves that we will have tomorrow always. But who will ever know what is going to happen next in our life?

The biggest question still in my mind is that where will I go after I left this world? This is a question that can answer by a lot of people who believe in religion but don't you think that this question will be your biggest push in life? When you have unknown in life, you will work extra hard to prevent your life from going into chaos.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Learning is fun not a torture

Why everyone around me are so lazy to learn new things in their life? Did they ever think of after they master the skills and they doesn't have to learn it again? The skill will just flow into their blood and live with their life forever.

By asking others to help, they could choose to do it themselves so that they can survive by their own.

I will point out a very good example that people just don't want to know about MAC and iPhone yet they said something stupid like "this is the fans boy use" "is totally different one la" "I don't have to learn how to use as I am not interested". So people are just giving all these excuses but they didn't realize that what if one day they have to keep touch of it? It take a moment to learn when you want to learn it but it take a life time for them to realize this easy concept. Cheers

No finger pointing but just want to remind everyone the important of learning.

My life is not going to get complete

Things doesn't go the way I want it to be. It seem like plan has just fall apart. I would say that all because of my determination is not completely focus on the things that I want. The will of having it not able to overwrite my laziness.

Time fly and things I need to do will still have to do if I would like to pursued my Biggest dream in my life. I will have to really think of the advantage that I going to get if I achieve my dream and let go of all the unwanted life that I having right now. So that I will able to have more determination.

Life is suck when you planned something but that something is not going to happen. That is always the case for our life and it will happen on all the people like 95%. Only 5% of what you planned in life will able to achieve. Anyway, no matter how often you plan your life will still have this ration. I will give myself more plan so that the number of success cases will be high.