Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mum is back and everything is good

She is back into my life again with my sister who gave me the eye roller to reduce my dark circle. So glad that they are back after the Thursday call which they have to look for HOTEL to spend a night. I felt so useless when I was not able to book the hotel online and end up my sister have to call up the hotel herself to get a room.

Everything is back and I like to spend everyday the same. Cos that is the most HAPPINESS in my life.

This is classic.... about iPad this time round

I will under go my first video project about Laptop between PC and MAC toward their pros and cons. hehe

Friday, January 29, 2010

Adobe... to stay or not in this world?

Lot of question has been posted by all my friend around me about the iPad for not support flash. And I did a lot of study today that ADOBE is going down hill. They have just posted their first 1.5 billion of debt. If the company is running the right way, it should look like APPLE. And by looking at the market right now, even Microsoft also don't wish to follow this software company who adapt to their own silverlight. Google is using HTML 5 for their website. And APPLE is using the H 264 video code to board cast movie on the web. All the big name is not following ADOBE. Do you think they still have anyway to survive?

HTML 5 and H 264 video standard will be the next big thing that we are looking at. This standard will make the multimedia rich that provide from Flash to have a equal fight. Those company who provide free game on the web and an apps on iTunes store will really figure out that flash is a great way to make up their name but APPLE is the place to make money. If Flash inserted into iPhone as well as iPad, APPLE will have no control to all the content and no one will purchase apps from them anymore. End up who is the winner? Adobe because everyone spend a big money on purchasing their creative suit which cost US$2K plus.

This world will need a standard for everything and the standard is coming. Like the war between ADOBE and APPLE. Who have the most power will win the war. Like I always say, the first one will never be the best.

Adobe Premiere vs Apple Final Cut Pro
Adobe LightRoom vs Apple Aperture

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Steve... you are great instead

After you fully watch the Keynote from Mr steve... you will know how great this iPad to be in the future. You don't need it now but it soon will go into your life. And with the interface that you always wishing for. It will sure be something that into everyday life.

of course I do agree that without the flash support on iPad will kill alot of people who wanna get it to replace netbook. But can you see how much effort that APPLE have put into those new product that they introduce to the world? They have rebuild everything from scratch. All the UI actually is a brand new look even depend on the old program interface. Not like Microsoft still using the same Registry and DLL files to build it windows 7. Even the stupid netbook is still using windows XP. Nothing different, never change at all. How much effort did they really put into all these big projects? Just take a closer look at microsoft office. Ever since 2003, I don't see any different between 2003 and 2007 except more click to be done in order to call up the same function. Microsoft just trying to make it look nice but troublesome to work on.

I am going to get one for myself as well as trying to implement it to my mum. Due to the mouse control of the home pc that she facing every day in her kitchen. Her arm can't really place on the mouse for long time. I hope that by having a touch screen device will let her have the ease of fast surfing and time to search for the mouse cursor.

And I also found out how to make my laptop act as iPad. Just don't turn down the power and close the cover so that it go to sleep mode to preserve energy. Whenever I feel like using my MAC, I will just open it and start using the moment I saw the screen. Hehe....


As I have to keep my promise on the new product launch from APPLE. Here are the not so good report from me.

below is the video on how they present the iPad for the world.

The very first picture is the WIFI only version of iPad whereby the one below is the 3G and WIFI version (note: there is a black color strip on the device). Pricing is cheap on without 3G version and it will get ship to the world in March first.

Everything look so nice and easy on the new iPad. And steve Job would like to have iPad to bridge between iPhone and Mac. But the set aside is the deal with Macromedia Flash whereby Adobe didn't wish to agree with some term and conditions with APPLE for the flash version that put up to mobile devices. And the most important thing is that no others software is going to replace flash at the same time. So I don't think iPad will give you any similar experience that a full browser can give you.

Is a good device with reasonable price which start from US$499 on 16GB product. I would like to see some jailbreak that enable to device to run flash before I burn my pocket. If not, I will just stick to my iPhone and wait for the newer version in July.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nice show

Miss... the part that you missed... from 6:30

Vaness Li Hai

Music are all nice

Peter Chow again

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Autumn's Concerto 下一站, 幸福 - Episode 16

Trying to get my life in Balance

Karma is something that I always believe. And balance is what I discover

Everyone will have their own balance in life. No matter you are someone
good or someone evil. This balance is not as great as Karma but it
happen every single day. When you are so enjoy yourself at night, drink
high or playing game and lead to leak of sleep. The next day you will
feel very shag and your whole body is tearing yourself apart. That is

When you try to push your job away to others or push your blame to
others. The "BALANCE" will give you worry and you can't have peace of
mind or good sleep. Sometime I do agree that good people do their job
and get all the shits from bad people. That is Balance too.... How much
you get and how much opposite force that you going to take. Live with it
and you will feel happy everyday.

I am going to leave this space a rest for 2 days till APPLE release it latest gadget... haha! let me write a long one

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Society force us to be evil

Why everyone have to be so lazy and push their jobs to others? Why must they so evil and push the blame to others? Why they have to force others to have no way to go? This is life and we try to be good people yet society force us not to be. I hate this feeling but that is part of learning. Eventually all these evil people who at the first place will get what they deserve. I make sure they have what they deserve and what I think is fair.....

New year is coming but I am more excited toward 27th for APPLE show.

This is what sony Ericsson left for their phone.... all about camera... video... photo... and nothing else!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A day for some fresh idea

The cat below die in a car accident when it trying to do the daily routine by going onto the bus and ride to somewhere so that it can do some exercise by walking back home.

I got a lot of information in my mind today. Will need quite some time to digest it so that I will be able to work something out from there. Good luck to me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

copy cat world

Look at the ADV below. Do you find it very familiar?

This world is so funny.

New song added.
In You Eyes.mp3

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big day is coming

On the 27th of this month will host a APPLE event. More or less the
new tablet pc will be out for show as APPLE is trying to lure the
biggest publisher for a contract. Software side I hope that iLife and
new iPhone OS can have another version.

Monday, January 18, 2010


How many time I need to emphasize that APPLE is a company that keep their trade secret and will not be so easily let the outside world know about their new product. Yes, I agree that 5 megapixel camera is a must to be put on the new iPhone. But how about those dual core and replaceable battery cover that going to set into the new casing.

Yet another rumors saying that new iMac is going to be touch screen. But without great gesture to act as a mouse for the touch screen device. This is not going to be happen.

My Karma theory is working now. Nono is taking what he gave me in the past. I am so scare cos I did a lot of bad things in the past and haven't come to KARMA yet.

Jiayou Jiayou....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Drunk is not a great thing

Got myself drunk last night again. I just don't understand the handover is such a great pain to me but I still drink so happily. Maybe is because of the joy that I able to share with my beloved friends. We have go thru so much and hardly have such a good time to enjoy. I think is worth it even though I have to suffer for one whole day. Not really I am the only one who suffer but my mum. Keep on cook a lot of good foods for me and yet I don't even have appetite to eat it.

I don't know should I still go for drink in the future. Even though I know that after the happiness will have to face all the stupid hang over feeling. I may have to drink less in the future and pretend that I don't really drink much. haha

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Modern technology still not able to take over old tradition

Will you buy this idea to burn "hell note" for your ancestor? This apps is just a kind of fun but not able to take over. And I am going to pay 99 cents real money for all those "fake" money. haha

Just uploaded 3 new song from Hi, sweetheart OST. Hope that my SONG column will able to give everyone a better platform to share thing together.

Finally I completed my medicine for my shoulder injury. But I have a feeling that once the medicine have totally use up in my body. My shoulder will give me pain again. Some more my left should have been dislocated before. Keep having a numb feeling on my back and suspect that my joint has press on the nerve. Soon, I will need to go for a full body check up so that I will have peace of mind to strike hard.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Autumn's Concerto 下一站, 幸福 - Episode 14

With Passion, no money

is peter chow again. It seem like he getting angry for those people who pester him for new video. This world is so cute that if you go with passion. Only a small group of people will appreciate what you doing and you not able to earn all the money that available everywhere.

Went to see doctor for my shoulder yesterday but not able to get MC at all. Am I so bad of negotiate for MC? or I simply is a good employee that don't wanna "KENG" like others? Those people are so good at getting MC when they only have minor illness.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Should we judge ourselves?

Is not a very good day, but still manage to corp with it. Early in the morning have to work and do OT whereby no one really appreciate our work. But I always have this thinking that good things will only need to accumulate and wait till the point that it burst. All the people around you will let you know who is the GOOD people in the world.

Should we thank the people who change your life and remember always? I know who treat me good and who is not... Those who make my life different will always be remembered. Those who give me shit.... no way for them to back in my life again. Not a single chance cos like chinese say "狗改不了吃屎!“

Should we judge ourselves or let others to judge us? I am confusing just now but manage to get the correct answer. Accept others judgment and compare to your own to verify what is right and what is wrong.

Friday, January 8, 2010

457 posts so far

I feeling so happy today as I have submitted my assignment and weekend is coming soon. Some more I have keep this blog for 3 years and 10 months so far with 457 posts. Wahaha.... I am not going to talk about how many visitor here but that is my very own achievement to keep it alive.

According a person who have close link with APPLE. On 28th of Jan which is end of this month. APPLE will unveil a touch screen tablet to impress the world. Base on all the statistic that Amazon has sold a large number of Kindle ebook reader. That is why APPLE is trying to challenge this field. It seem like APPLE start to learn from the world that getting start late is not the loser but the winner. I have listed down quite a number of late coming business has become the head of the field. Nike win over old bird ADIDAS, Microsoft win over the first PC maker APPLE, HP win over the long lasting DELL. APPLE has learn from it mistake and evolve to a more valuable business structure.

I am here to make a very very wild prediction that what APPLE going to do. This new tablet that APPLE going to do I will name it as iTab. It will going to be another ebook reader which connect to iTunes for all the purchase. iTunes is the main attractive tools in APPLE business. If the iTab is going to be a big version of iPhone plus all the multimedia like a proper browser and light version of MAC OS X. The chance of hitting hard into the field is very high. When so many companies is fighting in this but no one seem to be very special.

This few days Google has making big HooHA all it new phone NEXUS one. But it seem like it make no different to the world at all. Is just some hardware function that better than iPhone. Different is that more google function can be launch on NEXUS and Flash support. When APPLE trying to attack Tablet field, google then try to follow up of what they are doing for so long. We will see how the world going. And I will work very very hard on my Blog and learn more way to earn money online.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh... I hate morning shift

When ever I work in morning shift. My body and mind feel so tired and nothing seem to be done. I hate this feeling and have to rush home just because of my class later. I hope that my school can finish as soon as possible. 11 more weeks to go and I will be free. Still have to take up all the exams before I get my certificate.

I will work extra hard to achieve more good result in the future. So that my future can be secure and be predict. Tuesday night I got myself a very very stupid feeling that I going to die soon. As my neck keep having the stupid pain and I almost black out. I will go to have a proper check up soon. At least I can have peace of mind to work for my future.

Nothing very good to share this time but I am working hard on this blog and finding some way to earn money though web advertising.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Love Hurt

Love this song so much so much cos been there before. Not like my sister who never have this feeling at all. Li Hai


作詞:黃婷 作曲:品冠 編曲:伍冠諺

妳曾說不想有天讓我知道 妳對他 有那麼好
妳說會懂 我的失落 不是靠寬容 就能夠解脫

我以為我出現的時候剛好 妳和他 正說要分開
我以為妳 己對他不再期待 不縱容他 再給妳傷害

我以為我的溫柔 能給妳整個宇宙 我以為我能全力 填滿妳感情的缺口
專心陪在妳左右 彌補他一切的錯 也許我太過天真 以為奇蹟會發生

他讓妳紅了眼眶 妳卻還笑著原諒
我以為我夠堅強 卻一天天的失望(卻輸得那麼絕望)
少給我一點希望 希望就不是奢望

我以為終究妳會慢慢明白 他的心 已不在妳身上
我的關心 妳依然無動於衷 我的以為 只是我以為

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Body Aching

After a very exciting battle with my friends on badminton court. My whole body is giving way. I hope that I will be able to recover by next week and hope that the drinking session will not be after badminton.

Sammi Concert invited 四奶奶 as guest...

below is a "idiot" who keep hitting a pregnant woman.

From my point of view, if a manager don't even deserve her colleagues to help out. She definitely have problem of handling people. I will say deserve it!!!

[Original + Romanized Lyrics]

P.S. they are in traditional Chinese ..

別打開 禮物的緞帶

bie da kai li wu de duan dai

最初充滿期待 最後都腐敗

zui chu chong man qi dai zui hou dou fu bai

別打開 午夜的電臺

bie da kai wu ye de dian tai


bie rang qing ge fan fu zai yu nong

而愛 並沒有教給我生存

er ai bing mei you jiao gei wo cun zai


zhi jiao wo jiao yi xu rong gei tian zhen

可是愛 讓我們變成陌生人

ke shi ai rang wo men bian cheng mo sheng ren


que bian bu liao geng gao shang de ling hun

不要吻我 只要抱著我

bu yao wen wo zhi yao bao zhe wo

不要愛我 做我的親人

bu yao ai wo zuo wo de qin ren

把手借我 一天一分鐘

ba shou jie wo yi tian ti fen zhong


zuo wo zui qin mi de qin ren

不是誰的情人 誰的某某某

bu shi shui de qing ren shui de mou mou mou

就算我 全身濕透透

jiu suan wo quan sheng shi tou tou

我也不再被誰 牽著鼻子走

wo ye bu zai bei shui qian zhe bi zi zhou

如果我 還握住拳頭

ru guo wo hai wo zhe quan tou


ke neng wo pa wo de meng fei zou

而愛 並不如你想的萬能

er ai bing bu ru ni xiang de wan neng


bu neng rang wo men bu zai zhan zheng

可是愛 連慈悲也沒多慈悲

ke shi ai lian ci bei ye mei duo ci bei


shui ai yue sheng yue yong yi bei xi sheng

不要吻我 只要抱著我

bu yao wen wo zhi yao bao zhe wo

不要愛我 做我的親人

bu yao ai wo zuo wo de qin ren

把手借我 一天一分鐘

ba shou jie wo yi tian yi fen zhong


rang wo hai gan zuo wo de meng


zuo wo meng zhong wei da de wei xiao de ying xiong

[Translated Lyrics]

giving up opening the presents’ ribbon

that used to make me forward to

giving up the midnight’s radio

never give in yourself to the love songs,again and again,foolishly

because love, has never taught me how to survive

but as a deal of my vanity to the naive

and love has made us a stranger

and not becoming a noble soul within us

i just need your hug,not your kiss

i just need you to be my dearest,not loving me

do lend me your hand,one minute a day

be my dearest

and not becoming my lover or someone’s

even if i have soaked in the rain

i will never going to allow anyone to lead me by the nose

and if i am still clenching my fist

i might afraid my dreams will fly away

and love,is not everything

it can not stop us from war

and love,it will only be a pity

for those that are deeply in love and being sacrifised

i just need your hug,not your kiss

i just need you to be my dearest,not loving me

do lend me your hand,one minute a day

so that i can dream

as my hero with a smile

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New year

Don't wish to spoilt all the people mood here but this is something that need human to think of. I agree to kill him in a peaceful way... how about you?