Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coming soon

Next month will have the PC show on the first week and iPhone new OS
release on 2nd week. Futher more, my department is going to do a major
relocation. A great month with all the great thing. Have to
concentrate and work hard toward every goal.

Last night went for my drinking session with all my best buddy. I got
myself drunk and hope that I won't spoilt their night.

I work hard for my health as well as smaller stomach this week. Like
the way I handle my life right now. The only thing is to rearrange my
personal thing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Google X iPhone

Using gmail is kind of enjoy experience due to it cut and paste feature on any kind of picture. Instead of saving the picture on local PC and attach it to the mail.

I hardly look for new handphone recently, due to I really satisfy with my iPhone for all the tasking. No other phones have such a sensitive touch screen. No other phones have such a stable browser to flip through website. The only problem still lie on provider which is singtel. Because the 3G signal is not an always on and it will jumb between 2 and 3G which take up some time for it to recover connection. Kind of sad...


Things are only getting more complicated in our life. If we can handle it at the first place. We won't have to struggle during the process. Everything in our life is about planning but there is no right or wrong during our way.

The cutey idiot beside my blog start to dance again but at the same time my whole body is aching now. No big deal toward the pain compare to the chance of getting the flu virus as well as my coming IPPT test.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mac still rock

The post below show how I use my iPhone to send direct email to blogger and it get convert as a post to show in my blog. This is to show how advance technology is for today. I still stick to my MAC instead of windows 7 due to it lack of features. No spell check on anything that I type on except Microsoft Office. No direct dictionary that I can access to when I surfing the net or reading some articles from PDF. No assistance to read the article on web for me as I doing my other things. No 4 screens for me to play of due to I run multi task on both my PC and MAC. Still far more to go...

Even Virus and spy ware still irritating windows users.


I am going to use iPhone for my blogging soon

Sent from my iPhone

Monday, May 11, 2009

Is Windows 7 again

It seem like I will got myself into trouble if I put all my home PC to MAC. Windows 7 react super fast with any command as long as you have enough memory even I run on 1GB machine. I will plan to get a new PC soon in September. And I am very satisfy with Windows 7. No more XP and plan to skip VISTA.
Microsoft do a good job this time by speed up it browser and flexiblity to configure browser addin. Even the search engine on IE which you think it will stick to IE forever, but you actually can change it to default GOOGLE. Fair game and they trying to do better.

Next project will be share internet access from my server to whole network. So that I do not need so many virus scan to be run on individual machine. Great OS which finally get back it GROUND. We will see...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Microsoft finally back in track

This few days busy on Project Windows 7. Super fast PC reaction that able to beat Mac OS X. I like the way I turn on IE on the taskbar that is so fast and smooth. Even on a low end machine. Seem like Microsoft is getting back his ground soon. One stone kill 2 bird by having a fast OS for MAC and fast browser for Firefox.

Anyway, the main focus in apple for this year still their iPhone. I will see how they react with the new OS from Microsoft.

This weekend will upgrade my own PC as well as my mum to windows 7. Good luck simon

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I will try to make a good full sentences

I think I have to reorganize myself and forget all the wrong sentences that I usually made mistake on. No more singlish.

Is beens a long time I touch my blog again. The little cute boy have been walked around every single day since I never go for run so long. But I played basketball today and make myself sweat again. 

I am rushing my assignment on Thin Client setup. It seems like easy to complete but I spend a lot of time to fine tune this project. 

Valentino Rossi got his first win of the year finally. I think that will be more to come for him. 

I learn how to modify real object to Miniature with the help of Photoshop. It was very interesting but the photo have to give you lego like feeling. 

I was able to edit my sister graduation video which I posted below. Hope she like it