Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mac again in my home

Haha... by right I wanna get this little pretty thing for my sister. But my mum saw the size of it as well as it was from APPLE. She design to own it so that she can make use of it to earn money at home.

Anyway, a better iMovie that come with it will be the best thing ever for me to edit video. And the iPhoto which feature faces and places will be for my sister to handle all her photo. Hope that it will let my family have another look at APPLE product.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love my MAC as always

Today is quite a good day for me. I wasted 2 trip to go thru and flow from Town area but I gain alot. And I hope that everything will start change from now on.

Yesterday went to BBQ with all my beloved friend and took alot nice pictures to share with others. When I was trying to edit the video. I got lagging play back whereby it was different from what I get past few days. I tried to reinstall the application and minimize the process. But the lagging problem still persist. Finally I have given up trying and take my lappy to kitchen to use. Yet, I am able to play smooth video on my lappy. When I tried to use Aperture to edit photo once again. The video is smoothly play and edit.

I have come to a conclusion that my lappy need battery so that it can work properly. HAHA! Such a great day to me right?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Is a very long week

Lot of things to do in this week and lot of thinking have to sort out. Starting to plan my very first iPhone application which feature photo and note in the same apps. So that we can note down important information with the photo.

Work so hard to complete the number of machine that have to upgrade for my boss. Yet, is just have to cover her backside whereby she don't even care about what kind of problems that we face but just concern about the number of machines only. What if she have to come up and build one machine for me to check? How long will she need to do so whereby procedure is wrong even we follow closely? BULLSHIT!

I am resist to love song now. It seems like I am very happy with my life and not crying over any love song. Maybe I have seen too many of LOVE that is why I feel numb toward it. But I still like old song so much whereby it still fall in between my life time la.... 80s and 90s... hehe

Monday, March 15, 2010

HP suck.....

Don't know such a stupid HP laptop out of battery got to cost so much.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Lovely DSLR

Is been few days I never post anything here because I just got my Canon 550D with 18mm-135mm f4.5 lens.... it really cost me alot but I like it so much cos photo that taken from it is very very nice. Too bad, blogger is not very friendly with my MAC. I have hard time to upload photo here. So.... I will update facebook instead of here... wa haha

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wa... 500 post liao... hehe

Is a happy day and new starting point for me. I will need to learn more from now on.

Canon finally launch 550D... haha!

Will need to learn more about Photographic... My mum said that I am not those people who really like to take photo. And the point here is that did she ever notice when she bought me the very first PC that cost 3K? She also don't know I will be in IT line at that point of time. Yes, I know that photographic will not be my career but I will make it as my part time hobby and later will try to make some money from there.

Found some very nice website to teach me how to write my very first iPhone apps. And I am going to expand my photo skill by creating my first iPhone apps which about singapore wallpaper. Let people judge me and expand my world.

Now I know who is the biggest ass hole in the world. Focus more on my own rather than care about what she think. My life will be better if I can simply don't care about what she do and whatever she said. Wahaha

TIme fly past... I spend alot of time on this blog but I also gain something from here. Is the way I write my english. I spend some time to read my PAST post... I don't even know what I trying to say at that point of time. Haha.... Good job simon. You learn a lot and progress in your life. Jiayou... more exam is coming your way in June. Work hard and stay focus. Follow the schedules that you plan and success in life

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tools (for making money) is everywhere

Don't you ever think of become rich? Do you want to find the best way to earn money whereby you don't have to face your boss at all? Answer is just a click away that you can find it in GOOGLE.com

The main problem here is that no body dare to try out. If you never try then you will never success. Ya... is time to back to my main topic here

Here is the breakdown of TOOLS that I can ever think of....

  • Google is the tool that lead you to a lot of tools in the world
  • Mac have Dashcode for iPhone's apps programming. It even have guide to teach you how to use
  • Internet is free in alot of place whereby you can access to all the knowledge in the world
  • Nice scenario do happen in every morning as well as evening. You are free to take any photo of it
  • Inspiration happen everywhere in the world. No matter where you go and what you do

Lastly, the happiest thing that I going to enjoy. Is the time that Canon launch it latest DSLR... Canon 550D

Mid March faster come.... faster come.... faster come

iPad launch soon and you can pre order on my birthday... hehe

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good idea is everywhere

Good ideas are everywhere but how we going to gather them together and become one of the best one?

When APPLE start to gather all the good ideas from the self development communities and form one of the best thing in the world "iPhone". They are making my phrase to come truth. That is what I would like to achieve in my life. I will have to gather every single things that available in this planet to come out a best idea and surprise the world.

Life is not work hard and never get notice by others if you don't "lick ass". I don't want to stuck myself in this rat race and die just like this. Not my style and rearrange my life and change according the world is the best way to go on....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are easily give up after we grow up

I am capable of spinning pen on my left hand but not right hand. Today I am so bore in the meeting and try to spin it using my right hand. So the title let you know what happen next. I am trying to figure out why I gave up so easily, is it becos i know how to spin it with my left hand? or I am just too lazy to do so?

The answer is that we have no time or simply don't care about all these thing. Did you ever think of your baby time? How you learn to walk? Did you ever give up on that? How about writing the first word using your hand? Did you give up? The answer is no and we are so into the learning process but not for now. We are so lazy and don't wish to learn anymore thinking that we are the best in the world. So learning will be the deepest answer toward my question.

I will have to learn how to learn things everyday and keep up my good work.

The most evil people in the world.... GUESS..... is always your boss. Cos they push the things that they will never be able to complete to you. And think that those things is so easy to finish.... SUCK!!!