Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Into the right track

Got myself really start on my course. Nice start of the year. Is very tiring and even get myself sick. But learning and working hard for your own life. Is a kind of enjoyment. Quote from SIMON LIU "What ever you do now, will affect your world 3 years later."
I think the BOX above is what I looking for instead of getting a new MAC. iLife '09 which equipped enhance feature on iPhoto and iMovie. I will be able to do video editing as well as photo sorting. 

Finally found software to convert all my RMVB files from chinese language to international language which suit well into my GF life. With PSP video converter and DirectVobSub, just download the language subtitle from website and rename it to match with the video files. Even thai language also no problem at all. Such a Genius!!! 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Ending lead to a Beginning

That is what I always believe and it come true this time round. After a long run for 25 weeks on Gundam 00 Season 2. Finally it come to an end and I am satisfy with the ending. Time to buy it model kits and color them.

And at the same time, tomorrow will be my first day of school. Hopefully everything will go smooth and I will be able to corp with it.

I went for swim today and got myself sunburn on shoulder as well as my back(due to I only know breast stroke). May need a few days to recover.

Few days ago talk about my dream machine(iMac and "N" router). But after some deep though, I going to drop the plan. Because of budget and the need. I will be able to revive my old PC by spend less than 1k. And the wireless connection at my home is not a big issue. Have to really think twice before buy anything.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Itchy hand like me

The new iPod shuffle has been torn down by iFixit. Interesting to know what is inside this little gadget. But the software that APPLE write for it, still the most advance part in this little device. If this can operate without the battery. The size will reduce 50% more.

Last night went for the movie as I mention before. The feeling is totally different from how I feel at home when I watching the movie alone. All the people only laugh to the joke but not cry for the touching moment. I even heard some teenage laugh over those people who shed tear. If you want a funny show, that is a lot out there which prvide you the laugh but not the depth of though. No wonder more and more funny show in the market. Yes, I do agree having lot of people around and laugh together is a kind of joy. But sometime you just have to think of others who really enjoy those touching moment. Different people have different taste. That is why priated movie all around the world because people enjoy show when they alone. No body going to laugh at stupid joke, no body give you a smelly feet, no body kick your chair, no body block your path to toilet, no body stop you from eating anything and no body block your view.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost die...

Relax, is just a dream whereby I almost get myself drown in the sea. But the feeling is so real and the very last moment before death is everything in the past all flow up to your brain. Is a kind of rare experience that few of the people able to go through it. Just want to describe a bit of the scenario when I get drown. The water seems like having a pair of hand to pull you down and when the moment you breath in. You never ever come to the surface again. 

Below is just a keyboard to most of us. But it actually is a PC. ASUS launch it Eee Keyboard to impress the world. Not very sure how good is the performance. Just wait for it to make big HOHA if possible.

Friday again, last week watch movie with my BUDDY. This week is my dearest girlfriend. HAHA... hopefully is an enjoyable night. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPhone for ALL?

More and more people around me bought iPhone. Seem like this little thing getting more HOT in town. I would like to say if APPLE can solve the battery problem. Then everyone will have one for their own. GOD.... I shouldn't said solve the problem.... I should said modify and discovery a new way to maximum battery LIFE. Think of it, playing a PSP with such a Big battery only last 3 hrs plus. How about an iPhone with smaller battery than a PSP? How about playing the phone every 10 mins to check your Facebook account and log into MSN? Will it be more than 3 hrs for one whole day? People simply asking too much from APPLE. They don't even know how great is this phone if they use it like a normal phone. I MANAGE TO PUT THE PHONE ON STANDBY FOR A WEEK IN HONG KONG AND DO NORMAL CALL IN CALL OUT PER DAY. 

Anyway, time will tell and hardwork will be pay off. I like the way APPLE do their business. One time services and satisfy user need. That is what I always do when I working. So that everyone will be happy. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nothing really happen in life

For those who wish to watch movie for free... you can visit 風行 and download the software to enjoy this great OFFER! haha

Is kind of comfort when I watch this MV "Every Heart" from BOA. The scenario is nice and the feeling is comfort. And of course the pretty lady BOA la... Time for study and time for get serious in life. I got to arrange my time table to get everything in order. 

For those people who feel that they are alone in this world. Should go for a movie and make sure is "DEPARTURE". You will find the meaning of life in this movie. Love it so much and plan to watch it again this Friday. I think I got to prepare 2 packet of tissue with me. HAHA... hopefully the one beside me will not feel irritated by the tear that drop from my CUTE eye... Sweet!

Please enjoy the song from "DEPARTURE". Very nice music... TOUCHING!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Going to be NEW TOY

This nice iMac above is my dream to have due to my main PC is down. Addicted to MAC now, no turning back due to it feature and multi OS boot. Some more I have a white color computer desk and my router is running outside at the living room. I need a wireless machine to connect to internet.
The router above is from APPLE again which able to connect it with wireless "N". So that it can match with my iMac. Beside I have problem to connect my wireless network at home with my Linksys router which can't provide full coverage within my home. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Morning Exercise

Very first time to run in the morning. Kind of nice feeling because the air is pure. I manage to run fast without any hard breathing. Enjoy so much and hope can do the same everyday.

Next week will start my part time diploma course. Kind of excited because is was a long time never go to school. But this time round with all the experience I have and some kind of comprehensive in life. I should be able to score high this time round and never let anyone down.

Is a very good show which I still watching on my iPhone now. Got to finish it today. Can't wait for it to launch in cinema and downloaded it online. This kind of show should share to someone who finding the meaning of their life. Interested do let me know. Can pass around... hehe

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Messenger Trap

If anyone would like to upgrade the MSN messenger. Please beware of IDIOT(Microsoft) wanna conquer your PC. So many extra useless component that Microsoft trying to install on the machine. Especially silverlight which use to fight with FLASH. The new layout is more or less like FACEBOOK which enable user to post their message and share across your friends in order for your friends to leave some comments. COPY cat is always COPY CAT...

Just finished my favorite animation "GUNDAM 00". I just can't help but to say this is really a nice show. Thank for my own judgment and the open up of my mind. This world is a nice world if everyone don't keep any secret on their mind. Lot of things happen can be prevent if we able to read through others mind. Love and Hate we be easily classify.

Enjoy the day with my mum which shopping at super market. Is been a long time never help her to carry things and be into HER world. Thank you mum once and again. You are the greatest person in my world.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Detroit metal city

Can't believe that this is such a good show. Funny, motivation and touching. I will give 4 half star upon 5 star for this show. I gain alot from this show. Story line is nice and no boring part.

Sometime we tend to wear a mask in front of others and don't even know where is the REAL you. But we have to carry on to walk down the road and find our true self along the way. As long as we have a dream to count on. As long as you put in your true heart. We can move on without fear.

Relationship is a kind of funny thing in the world. When you though that you going to have it, you actually far from there. But when you wish to give it up? well, it just so near to you. We keep giving out our love but did we ever think of getting it back? What is the outcome when giving out too much and no reaction from the one that you love? Will you ever give up? Or will you keep giving out till the day your love one realize? I will choose to give up. That is my choice and no turning back. :)

Family will be the most important motivation in this world. Without them around, I'm still nothing right now. Thank my mum for taking care of the home so well. And I am able to study without worry.

2 time of touching for one whole day. "Detroit Metal City" and "一切完美“ TGIF


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pushing myself to the end

The only way to have nothing to lose is to push yourself to the extreme and make yourself have nothing. I going to have nothing soon! Because what ever I try to work hard on, will never lead me to the result that I want. I admit that a lot of thing not easy to achieve. Especially being rich and learn how to invest.

The announcement of iPod shuffle has surfaced for a few days. But I still not able to take a look of the real PRODUCT..... more to add on

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great day...

Will be go for a run after my blogging as well as watching my APPLE keynote on iPhone 3.0. Even without steve JOB, all his guys do a good job today. HERE This time APPLE rock the world again with all the long waited function that add into iPhone during this coming JUNE. Copy and Paste function as well as Landscape mode on all APPLE application. APPLE make the appstore more user friendly which enable company to earn more when they sell their application online. This move is to lure the developer to join in APPLE instead of others company like NOKIA, GOOGLE and others more Smart phone COMPANY. So that they will have the largest application of them all in order to keep iPhone as the hottest thing in this WORLD.

I like the below story so much...

That is a man invite a few friends
as guest to his home
The man start to smoke stick by stick
and his wife quietly open the windows to allow the air flow
Saying nothing
One of his friend asked the wife
Why don't you stop him from smoking?
That is bad for health
and the wife give a smile to the friends and said
The man overheard what his wife said
he quit smoking
and his friend want to know why
he can quit smoking so easily
He said

How much you can do because of LOVE? I know my limit and I keep doing it in my daily life. Just hope that the one I love will feel it soon. LET DANCE

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waited so long for this moment

Finally I got myself enroll into the Diploma course that I wanted to study. 少年不努力,老大徒伤悲! This is what I get right now at this moment. Never listen to what my daddy said in the past and work hard toward my own future. Now have to take out extra time on Monday and Wednesday from 7 - 10 pm for my study. YOU DESERVE IT... MR SIMON LIU!!! HAHA

It seems like our economic start to pick up again. But America still have to struggle with the AIG. Hopefully Obama able to block the bonus from being release.

Anyway, today is the day for change. Not only me, but APPLE too. Cheers

 那 一扇車門
 關出 我們的裂痕
 愛 無法均分
 以後 就留給你們
 也許用傷害結束 愛才更動人
 你是好人 也是個壞人
 對我坦承 只為了朝他狂奔
 不能放任 所以放了
 我是好人 也是個壞人
 分得夠狠 你才有藉口轉身
 寧願愛 一點不剩
 也不忍 看戀人愛成路人
 那永恆 就等他帶你完成

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time to chop my hair

Just got my hair chop and feel so refresh now. And I manage to download and watch the latest GUNDAM 00 episode 23. 2 more to reach the final episode. If an animation can trouble your feeling and give you the hope to live on. Will it be a good animation? Or because I am too addicted to it?

Try to repair my big sister's BF laptop which not able to boot up after WELCOME screen. For sure this will happen to this particular laptop because it born at 2004 till now. No proper maintenance and uninstall of unused program. Harddisk start to create JUNK and mis-manage. Bad sector created and JAM up the whole system. Only way is to rebuild(it mean reinstall windows XP). But the potential problem is that the harddisk itself not able to take it. When time to let go, we should let it go. Same apply to my PC and my living room TV. No matter how you treasure it, they will fail when you need them the most. haha!


Quite a scary show and unpredicted ending. Worth the money than Dragon Ball la... haha

Saturday, March 14, 2009

MAC netbook

Apple plan to launch something similar to above picture called "NETBOOK" which is the same concept of those small notebook PC. You can name this device as COPY cat or something similar. But the fact is others company copy iPhone concept like MAD. And you have remember that, APPLE always surprise market even they COPY concept. I will recommend this "NETBOOK" to be place inside every PUB so that youngster can have a feel of APPLE in order to open up this big market. Eventually the idea will affect the whole young generation.

Next week APPLE release the "sneak peek" of new iPhone interface. Competitor keep emphasize on the COPY and PASTE feature that iPhone lack of and many more. Is time for APPLE to hit them back. Of course I do hope for the newly make iPhone to be launch in this summer.

The world economic seem like doing well for past few days. Even CITIBANK's stock start to climb up due to some "GOOD" news. I do hope the economic downturn will recover as soon as possible. But after the IT show as SUNTEC city, I feel that this is not the worst that we see so far. Lot of people having tone of money to purchase LCD tv, Laptop, MP3 player and many mores. If this is the worst we ever see, I shouldn't have seem so many people have such buying power on all these "JUNK" technology. Don't ever tell me that the CRT TV at your home is not able to use anymore. Even the CRT tv that sit in my living room also accompany me for 13 years of time.

Who is the person that will blog on the internet? I think is lonely SOUL from my point of view. Because I am so lonely right now, no one seem to know me. No one able to share the view of future with me. I watched the "PERFECT CUT 2" last night and the show is about a couple that work hard for their life to achieve wealth. But at the same time the LOVE that they have is getting less and end up start to revenge. They known each other and got married at the young age. They enjoy the time together even they are poor. But as they start to get rich from the husband business. The love between them start to drag apart. The main problem still lie on man who try to be funny once they have money. So the wife start to revenge by bring in young man to fool around with them and eventually get AIDS. Ending part is about the wife wanna spread the virus to the husband. But realize that he is the one she LOVE the most. So she choose to end her life and left a lot of regret for the husband to bear. Is that really love? MONEY and LOVE cannot co-exist?

Both of my arm start to have those little aching inside the bone. Time to say goodbye to them soon. Got to admit that I am old now. HAI....

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the show that I watched on my birthday. Disappointed and the script is a bit funny when GoKu got to learn KameHameHa.
Such a powerful move yet it use to light up a small candle. Is just a joke.

Made up my mind to study on my diploma course. http://bmc.edu.sg/courses/index.php?cid=51
No time to waste anymore if I don't want to be like others.

This weekend may plan to go Henderson Wave for a relax trip. Not sure who will go with me.

PC show is only another show that suck up people money. Nothing new in this event but all the old technology selling at LOW price. Lot of free gift but all were unwanted stuff. Nothing really fancy me in the whole show. Even a LG 42" LCD selling at $1399 which original price at $2599. Because after the end of CRT age, I would like to say LCD will take over it place. The material and weight that the LCD have is lesser than the traditional CRT TV. So why LCD expensive than CRT?

I do agree this world is about bluffing. As long as you can make your product look nice and make others have the temptation to grab it. You are the winner. No matter the product is the greatest ever or not. Is the same theory from what ROBERT KIYOSAKI said before. His RICH DAD, POOR DAD is the best seller. But he is not a good writer. World is about clever people control idiot, while idiot control back clever people. Which side you belong to? No matter which side you are, you still an idiot.

I would like to grab the MAC mini for my living room. So that I can connect all my PC and MAC together and share everything.

What happen to myself? Suddenly like old song so much... and keep listen to them. I start to feel what my parent feel when they listen to old song. Is a kind of nice feeling that remind you "what have you done so far for your life". VERY NICE!!!

Not very sure am I going the right way. It seem like what ever I do right now, nobody seem to appreciate it. But I really put in a lot of effort to improve others life. The result is not what I wait for. It is very hurt when nothing seem to be change and getting worst. PLEASE, stick to my theory.... everyone need a great story to change their life. Is just that they haven't found them yet. Or maybe, I got to put in all my effort. Either way, because everything have 2 sided. LOVE is IN THE AIR. You just have to feel it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Can you believe your eye right now? This is the new iPod shuffle with alot of new feature that will rock your world one and again. It simply gave you the emotion to explore more about it. That is how APPLE do their business. No copy, but steal idea from others whereby you don't even know where the idea come from. http://www.apple.com/sg/ipodshuffle/features.html

No buttons on the device itself but all put on the earphone to control. This time you can hear the song title and singer for the song. No need to take out the device or hold it on hand when switching of VOLUME up and down. Love at the first sign.

Tomorrow is my very last 20+s birthday. Hopefully I will have a happy day and enjoy myself. Time fly and I am almost time to settle down. But thing don't come so easy, lot of thing have to go under plan before my 2nd half of life begin. I want my love one to enjoy, not suffer with me even though I got to work hard myself right now. Who will understand how I feel? Who will be the unlucky one to walk down this road with me? All these question is still unknown... Because I have to put in all my effort to improve my life and let love come alone the way.

Upload a very sweet picture that I took with my family.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marley and "ME"

Very nice show that feature the dog and the owner, which bring out the owner life in the later story to talk about how fast is life and how much thing that not under our own control.

Sometime, I really don't know what I want in this world. As I am a free thinker, I knew I will be nothing after life. (don't tell me about god cos we come from where we come from... NOWHERE) I don't know what is the most important thing that I look for now.

This dog cry like MINE

This dog is a dreamer

Why I like Sammi Cheng? from this old MV...

Here is the song that Stuck in my mind always.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Book that might change my entire life again!!!

The author had a very good point of changing your life by prepare your time table for your life. Because without the timetable, we tend to work things out as when we want it to be. Without a goal, you will never ever reach it.

Thank to MacBook again which enable me to plan schedule on the COM whereby I can fully SYNC with my iphone to check on my own schedules.

Let share some sentences here "The pitch moments, those crucial moments which give the opportunity for big change, all have one thing in common. You are trying to get someone else to do what you want them to do - to hire you, to sleep with you, to lend you a million pounds to start your own business."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life has it up and down

Right now our economy still haven't reach it bottom line. More to go and will have to prepare for the worst. We shouldn't keep looking and praying for the bright side, but we should look from the Dark side and once nothing worst can come into this world. Everything will go back to it state.

This is a nice show and it really speak out what keep in man's mind. Something have to add on here is about the relationship that we facing in this society. Between the rule and exception, we always have to face the rule before we meet the exception. Time is the main issue and it will prove out the rule and exception. A couple married with each other for 30 years and unfortunately the wife pass away. 2 years later the man (re)married and spend another 30 years of his life till death. Base on the story above, we have both exception and the rule. To the wife, she met an exception who her husband love her till the end of life. But the rule is her husband who love another woman after the wife. TIME is the main focus.

As for our relationship, I want to put it as a MP3 Player. Will you keep listen the same song in your MP3 player? The answer for sure is NO. It mean that we need new song to excite our world. Same toward relationship which require change(new song) to enhance.