Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waited so long for this moment

Finally I got myself enroll into the Diploma course that I wanted to study. 少年不努力,老大徒伤悲! This is what I get right now at this moment. Never listen to what my daddy said in the past and work hard toward my own future. Now have to take out extra time on Monday and Wednesday from 7 - 10 pm for my study. YOU DESERVE IT... MR SIMON LIU!!! HAHA

It seems like our economic start to pick up again. But America still have to struggle with the AIG. Hopefully Obama able to block the bonus from being release.

Anyway, today is the day for change. Not only me, but APPLE too. Cheers

 那 一扇車門
 關出 我們的裂痕
 愛 無法均分
 以後 就留給你們
 也許用傷害結束 愛才更動人
 你是好人 也是個壞人
 對我坦承 只為了朝他狂奔
 不能放任 所以放了
 我是好人 也是個壞人
 分得夠狠 你才有藉口轉身
 寧願愛 一點不剩
 也不忍 看戀人愛成路人
 那永恆 就等他帶你完成

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