Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Can you believe your eye right now? This is the new iPod shuffle with alot of new feature that will rock your world one and again. It simply gave you the emotion to explore more about it. That is how APPLE do their business. No copy, but steal idea from others whereby you don't even know where the idea come from.

No buttons on the device itself but all put on the earphone to control. This time you can hear the song title and singer for the song. No need to take out the device or hold it on hand when switching of VOLUME up and down. Love at the first sign.

Tomorrow is my very last 20+s birthday. Hopefully I will have a happy day and enjoy myself. Time fly and I am almost time to settle down. But thing don't come so easy, lot of thing have to go under plan before my 2nd half of life begin. I want my love one to enjoy, not suffer with me even though I got to work hard myself right now. Who will understand how I feel? Who will be the unlucky one to walk down this road with me? All these question is still unknown... Because I have to put in all my effort to improve my life and let love come alone the way.

Upload a very sweet picture that I took with my family.