Saturday, March 14, 2009

MAC netbook

Apple plan to launch something similar to above picture called "NETBOOK" which is the same concept of those small notebook PC. You can name this device as COPY cat or something similar. But the fact is others company copy iPhone concept like MAD. And you have remember that, APPLE always surprise market even they COPY concept. I will recommend this "NETBOOK" to be place inside every PUB so that youngster can have a feel of APPLE in order to open up this big market. Eventually the idea will affect the whole young generation.

Next week APPLE release the "sneak peek" of new iPhone interface. Competitor keep emphasize on the COPY and PASTE feature that iPhone lack of and many more. Is time for APPLE to hit them back. Of course I do hope for the newly make iPhone to be launch in this summer.

The world economic seem like doing well for past few days. Even CITIBANK's stock start to climb up due to some "GOOD" news. I do hope the economic downturn will recover as soon as possible. But after the IT show as SUNTEC city, I feel that this is not the worst that we see so far. Lot of people having tone of money to purchase LCD tv, Laptop, MP3 player and many mores. If this is the worst we ever see, I shouldn't have seem so many people have such buying power on all these "JUNK" technology. Don't ever tell me that the CRT TV at your home is not able to use anymore. Even the CRT tv that sit in my living room also accompany me for 13 years of time.

Who is the person that will blog on the internet? I think is lonely SOUL from my point of view. Because I am so lonely right now, no one seem to know me. No one able to share the view of future with me. I watched the "PERFECT CUT 2" last night and the show is about a couple that work hard for their life to achieve wealth. But at the same time the LOVE that they have is getting less and end up start to revenge. They known each other and got married at the young age. They enjoy the time together even they are poor. But as they start to get rich from the husband business. The love between them start to drag apart. The main problem still lie on man who try to be funny once they have money. So the wife start to revenge by bring in young man to fool around with them and eventually get AIDS. Ending part is about the wife wanna spread the virus to the husband. But realize that he is the one she LOVE the most. So she choose to end her life and left a lot of regret for the husband to bear. Is that really love? MONEY and LOVE cannot co-exist?

Both of my arm start to have those little aching inside the bone. Time to say goodbye to them soon. Got to admit that I am old now. HAI....

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