Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nothing really happen in life

For those who wish to watch movie for free... you can visit 風行 and download the software to enjoy this great OFFER! haha

Is kind of comfort when I watch this MV "Every Heart" from BOA. The scenario is nice and the feeling is comfort. And of course the pretty lady BOA la... Time for study and time for get serious in life. I got to arrange my time table to get everything in order. 

For those people who feel that they are alone in this world. Should go for a movie and make sure is "DEPARTURE". You will find the meaning of life in this movie. Love it so much and plan to watch it again this Friday. I think I got to prepare 2 packet of tissue with me. HAHA... hopefully the one beside me will not feel irritated by the tear that drop from my CUTE eye... Sweet!

Please enjoy the song from "DEPARTURE". Very nice music... TOUCHING!!!

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