Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life has it up and down

Right now our economy still haven't reach it bottom line. More to go and will have to prepare for the worst. We shouldn't keep looking and praying for the bright side, but we should look from the Dark side and once nothing worst can come into this world. Everything will go back to it state.

This is a nice show and it really speak out what keep in man's mind. Something have to add on here is about the relationship that we facing in this society. Between the rule and exception, we always have to face the rule before we meet the exception. Time is the main issue and it will prove out the rule and exception. A couple married with each other for 30 years and unfortunately the wife pass away. 2 years later the man (re)married and spend another 30 years of his life till death. Base on the story above, we have both exception and the rule. To the wife, she met an exception who her husband love her till the end of life. But the rule is her husband who love another woman after the wife. TIME is the main focus.

As for our relationship, I want to put it as a MP3 Player. Will you keep listen the same song in your MP3 player? The answer for sure is NO. It mean that we need new song to excite our world. Same toward relationship which require change(new song) to enhance.

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