Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost die...

Relax, is just a dream whereby I almost get myself drown in the sea. But the feeling is so real and the very last moment before death is everything in the past all flow up to your brain. Is a kind of rare experience that few of the people able to go through it. Just want to describe a bit of the scenario when I get drown. The water seems like having a pair of hand to pull you down and when the moment you breath in. You never ever come to the surface again. 

Below is just a keyboard to most of us. But it actually is a PC. ASUS launch it Eee Keyboard to impress the world. Not very sure how good is the performance. Just wait for it to make big HOHA if possible.

Friday again, last week watch movie with my BUDDY. This week is my dearest girlfriend. HAHA... hopefully is an enjoyable night. 

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