Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the show that I watched on my birthday. Disappointed and the script is a bit funny when GoKu got to learn KameHameHa.
Such a powerful move yet it use to light up a small candle. Is just a joke.

Made up my mind to study on my diploma course.
No time to waste anymore if I don't want to be like others.

This weekend may plan to go Henderson Wave for a relax trip. Not sure who will go with me.

PC show is only another show that suck up people money. Nothing new in this event but all the old technology selling at LOW price. Lot of free gift but all were unwanted stuff. Nothing really fancy me in the whole show. Even a LG 42" LCD selling at $1399 which original price at $2599. Because after the end of CRT age, I would like to say LCD will take over it place. The material and weight that the LCD have is lesser than the traditional CRT TV. So why LCD expensive than CRT?

I do agree this world is about bluffing. As long as you can make your product look nice and make others have the temptation to grab it. You are the winner. No matter the product is the greatest ever or not. Is the same theory from what ROBERT KIYOSAKI said before. His RICH DAD, POOR DAD is the best seller. But he is not a good writer. World is about clever people control idiot, while idiot control back clever people. Which side you belong to? No matter which side you are, you still an idiot.

I would like to grab the MAC mini for my living room. So that I can connect all my PC and MAC together and share everything.

What happen to myself? Suddenly like old song so much... and keep listen to them. I start to feel what my parent feel when they listen to old song. Is a kind of nice feeling that remind you "what have you done so far for your life". VERY NICE!!!

Not very sure am I going the right way. It seem like what ever I do right now, nobody seem to appreciate it. But I really put in a lot of effort to improve others life. The result is not what I wait for. It is very hurt when nothing seem to be change and getting worst. PLEASE, stick to my theory.... everyone need a great story to change their life. Is just that they haven't found them yet. Or maybe, I got to put in all my effort. Either way, because everything have 2 sided. LOVE is IN THE AIR. You just have to feel it!

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