Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time to chop my hair

Just got my hair chop and feel so refresh now. And I manage to download and watch the latest GUNDAM 00 episode 23. 2 more to reach the final episode. If an animation can trouble your feeling and give you the hope to live on. Will it be a good animation? Or because I am too addicted to it?

Try to repair my big sister's BF laptop which not able to boot up after WELCOME screen. For sure this will happen to this particular laptop because it born at 2004 till now. No proper maintenance and uninstall of unused program. Harddisk start to create JUNK and mis-manage. Bad sector created and JAM up the whole system. Only way is to rebuild(it mean reinstall windows XP). But the potential problem is that the harddisk itself not able to take it. When time to let go, we should let it go. Same apply to my PC and my living room TV. No matter how you treasure it, they will fail when you need them the most. haha!

Quite a scary show and unpredicted ending. Worth the money than Dragon Ball la... haha

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