Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPhone for ALL?

More and more people around me bought iPhone. Seem like this little thing getting more HOT in town. I would like to say if APPLE can solve the battery problem. Then everyone will have one for their own. GOD.... I shouldn't said solve the problem.... I should said modify and discovery a new way to maximum battery LIFE. Think of it, playing a PSP with such a Big battery only last 3 hrs plus. How about an iPhone with smaller battery than a PSP? How about playing the phone every 10 mins to check your Facebook account and log into MSN? Will it be more than 3 hrs for one whole day? People simply asking too much from APPLE. They don't even know how great is this phone if they use it like a normal phone. I MANAGE TO PUT THE PHONE ON STANDBY FOR A WEEK IN HONG KONG AND DO NORMAL CALL IN CALL OUT PER DAY. 

Anyway, time will tell and hardwork will be pay off. I like the way APPLE do their business. One time services and satisfy user need. That is what I always do when I working. So that everyone will be happy. 

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