Saturday, March 28, 2009

Itchy hand like me

The new iPod shuffle has been torn down by iFixit. Interesting to know what is inside this little gadget. But the software that APPLE write for it, still the most advance part in this little device. If this can operate without the battery. The size will reduce 50% more.

Last night went for the movie as I mention before. The feeling is totally different from how I feel at home when I watching the movie alone. All the people only laugh to the joke but not cry for the touching moment. I even heard some teenage laugh over those people who shed tear. If you want a funny show, that is a lot out there which prvide you the laugh but not the depth of though. No wonder more and more funny show in the market. Yes, I do agree having lot of people around and laugh together is a kind of joy. But sometime you just have to think of others who really enjoy those touching moment. Different people have different taste. That is why priated movie all around the world because people enjoy show when they alone. No body going to laugh at stupid joke, no body give you a smelly feet, no body kick your chair, no body block your path to toilet, no body stop you from eating anything and no body block your view.

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