Friday, March 20, 2009

Detroit metal city

Can't believe that this is such a good show. Funny, motivation and touching. I will give 4 half star upon 5 star for this show. I gain alot from this show. Story line is nice and no boring part.

Sometime we tend to wear a mask in front of others and don't even know where is the REAL you. But we have to carry on to walk down the road and find our true self along the way. As long as we have a dream to count on. As long as you put in your true heart. We can move on without fear.

Relationship is a kind of funny thing in the world. When you though that you going to have it, you actually far from there. But when you wish to give it up? well, it just so near to you. We keep giving out our love but did we ever think of getting it back? What is the outcome when giving out too much and no reaction from the one that you love? Will you ever give up? Or will you keep giving out till the day your love one realize? I will choose to give up. That is my choice and no turning back. :)

Family will be the most important motivation in this world. Without them around, I'm still nothing right now. Thank my mum for taking care of the home so well. And I am able to study without worry.

2 time of touching for one whole day. "Detroit Metal City" and "一切完美“ TGIF


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