Monday, June 23, 2008

When you do the thing you LOVE?

Do you ever have a dream of doing the thing you want for your whole life? What is love? Love is a power that will push you forward and do whatever to achieve something or protect something from hurting it. Lot of example you can see from the CHINA earthquake.
So by doing the thing you love will make you happy but how about MONEY? Yes, that is the main question for most of the people but not those who success in their life. Steve Job spending his life to make better technology for people. His love to see people enjoy his product. That is why his product always so easy to use. Same here, I enjoy writing my blog this way even no one going to view. At least, I love to do so and I have a diary to refer back all my thinking.

My gift finally open... so nice

Shining Parts. Don't know how to file it next time when I cut it out. hai

Sticker for the Gundam inside somemore... so sweet

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