Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poor and Rich

As the oil pricing get higher and higher. Who will suffer more? Is always the poor and not the rich. Every month already spend most of money on all the expenses. And now still have to folk up more for this. As I can see those smaller HDB flat always have more clothes hang outside the windows then those bigger flat. It mean that more people stay in smaller flat which bigger flat only occupy by less people. World is unfair, so who can make it fair? Is right on your hand. You create your own future.

About the PC show that host in suntec city last week. News paper keep saying that a lot of people shop over there even the economic is not that good. But do they know that IT is already part of us. Is like everyday have to go supermarket and buy food to eat? Who can live without IT in this modern world. The TV that you watching, the MP3 that you listening, the PC that for your work, the handphone that you communicate with others, many many more that involve in IT.

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