Monday, June 9, 2008

Reading book is fantastic

Steve really someone great in this century. He know that by combine all the hardware, software and services together into one package to sell out will be a new model for today business.
Our world change from a product, to modify it and finalize. When something no longer be able to modify anymore. We can only change the beauty in it and on it. Car is what we not able to change. You can see how they evolve. Microsoft have it great ambition to conquer the software world. But by supporting so many different kind of hardware company. They have to work extra hard on their software in order to make it compatible and crush free.
Apple on the other hand have it own strength. Is a kind of Monopoly but also provide the user a better way to deal with problem. We know that digital age is coming. And what i can predict here is someday we will be able to use a smart phone to control your home PC. Whereby your home pc is the center of everything. You can use your PC to transfer music to the living hall HiFi set. You can transfer HD video to the plasma TV. You also able to control all the lighting in your home as well as the video camera. Everything will go wireless... but who can give all this promise to user? You think microsoft X cisco Linksys wireless network able to conquer this world? or using apple airport with mac? only the wise will know.

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