Saturday, June 28, 2008

Garget Time

Bought this wireless router without antenna. It look very nice but I have a hard time connect it to my MUM pc due to it frequency not strong enough. I'm not sure is either my neighbour using stronger signal like wireless N or because of the absent of antenna. It is not going to work for me and I so disappointed.
This cutey Photo Printer from Canon is not the next great thing but it seem like user friendly. It look cute to bring along and have space to put it accessories. I still looking for it refill kits in order to compare to Sony 30 cents printing cost.

SonyEricsson again... This time equip with 8 mega pixel, GPS and WiFi. It surely can match with IPhone. It took away the irritating joystick. Slim on it build and beauty on it look. Button still best for those people who wish to SMS while driving or walking on the street. It will arrive in the end of this year.

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