Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 improtant things

First of all, NBA final result is out. Disappointed but give me an idea of life. LA laker is strong when Kobe can perform. But how about having a team like Boston who can help each other and score average on every single one? Team work is still the most important thing that appear on sport and work also. Don't depend too much on that particular person, also we got to perform in the same level.

Secondly, Firefox 3.0 is out. Everyone rushing for this new thing and end up the network is down. It prove that everyone is waiting for the new thing. So does the iphone phenomena, it will rock the singapore handphone market for sure.

What a day when I got to work till 3am. Anyway, good day ahead. Everything is going to be fine when my eye reopen in tomorrow morning. Cheers

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