Thursday, June 26, 2008

Software is very important to our life

The TV that you watching, the MP3 player that you using, the computer that you facing everyday. Every single equipment in your life involve software. I would like to spend some of my time to learn how to program.
I was misunderstand with ITUNE long ago. Is because run on windows is different from MAC. It created an ITUNE store in MAC. When ITUNE run on windows, it only depend on the folder that you assign. Files which you deleted on ITUNE will directly made impact on that folder. ITUNE will duplicate another set of song on it own folder which locate in your profile/music folder. I was so angry in the past because ITUNE deleted all my MP3 in my PC. Software behave differently when they run on different platform.

Apple just one step ahead of others.

Below is the Time Capsule that act like a backup server as well as network base station plus print server or you can add additional harddisk.

As the price of computer getting lower and lower. Data storage become the main focus. Looking at Linksys who is the network giant. They never come out anything similar to this which contain an USB port for printer. Sooner or later when people realize how important is data backup. That will be too late.

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