Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Company important or the one who lead the company?

Michael Dell pass him CEO to Kelvin that he think is the most suitable choice for DELL company. Under Kelvin 3 years of manage, HP take over DELL to become No.1 PC maker in the world. It force Michael Dell to make a come back on January last year. 
You can see how bad is Steve Job health situation on WWDC. Everyone worry that who will be able to take over his position. I myself is one of them. Company without a good leader is just an empty shell. Is because Steve have a dream to fulfill. Is because he want to improve our life. Is because he want everything to be the way he way. That why APPLE can success. Who will have such a big dream and long lasting love toward this company? He is the one who build it up and I think no one but only he himself can manage it well.
Citibank retrench 6,500 worldwide. Who have to responsible for this move? What can a company achieve by retrench people? Do you think talent will come again in the future
? Wise thinking...

This cute little pig was rescue at the earthquake zone after 36 days. Miracle to be alive but reduce weight from 150 kg to 50 kg only. His name "朱坚强" (PIG IS STRONG)

Wa... 2 more functions that I enjoy on my MAC. When I not too sure about the meaning of word. I can simply call up DICTIONARY to check on it. And when I would like to translate some chinese back to english. I can call up TRANSLATOR that build into MAC OS X. Great feature, and it act like a transplant layer on top of what I doing. I can refer to the word without switching it over and over again. SWEET

Singtel IPHONE reservation. So sad, only 16GB is white in color to suit my macbook. Have to spend more liao.

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