Saturday, June 14, 2008

life isn't simple

Every move and decision we have in our life. It will directly affect our entire life for sure. I believe what we do now will affect our life 3 years later. Just like my decision to move from Sales back to IT in citibank. All along treasury is my target. And finally I got it here. You can say is my luck or my hard work. I don't really care how pp thing of me. But who don't ever need luck in their life? Even the best soccer player also need to score in order to prove their value.

Beside being the first is the easiest thing to achieve. But being on top always. That will be a challenge for sure. Scoring a beautiful goal in a game to impress audience is easy. But to score it everytime when in need. Who can ever achieve this?

No path is sure right or sure wrong. It depend on how you work on. Being a challenge or give up, is all in your mind. The dips is always there. But can you identify the value of the dips. Will it be too much to scarify. That is all you need to think of.

Thank you my boss. Beside the Value of this GUNDAM and the effort that you put in to choose this gift. I appreciate it.

My Mac with Protection sleeve below the key pad and Protection on the Keypad
That is something nice to purchase. Scandisk red color 4GB for $22. Nice buy

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