Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do we care about our world?

According to news saying that our North pole is melting. And it will completely done at this Sept. Who is going to care about it? Since everyone not very concern about it, we will just wait for "THAT" day to come. Beside solving this issues is everyone effort. No one care, and no one do. I feel sad to see polar bear suffer or even left man kind. There is the documentary figure a polar bear life which have to find food for his child. The polar bear have to continuously swim 3 days in water to find the nearest land in order to hunt sea elephant as food. The ending is the polar bear can't grab any food due to it lack of food, hunger and desperation. Drive him to kill without knowing that he chase all the sea elephant back to water. He only able to kill them on land.

Comparing this 2 printer from Sony and Canon. Same price and almost same features. The only different is canon enable user to bring it out and operate with battery.

I compare the price of printing per paper after my long though.

Sony - $36 for 3 color ink cartridges with 120 sheets photo paper in one package.
Canon - $31 for 3 color ink cartridges. $19.90 for 100 sheets photo glossy paper.

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