Monday, June 23, 2008

East Coast cycling

The view seem to be very nice and taken by a nice Camera right? Actually it take from Bedok Jetty and using my SonyEricsson K810 phone PLUS Photoshop Edition. It seem that after Effect is much more important then the original photo. Not much great skill require and fast edition.

The Bicycle that we booked.

And of course... the straight hair lady. HAHA

Please don't kill me like EXIA do to Nadeeleh. HAHA

One of my friend Kanna Car accident and hopefully he can recover soon. Most important is Monday coming. Lot of job and too BLUE...

Macbook still doing a great job for me. And soon I might consider to replace every single PC in my Home to MAC. But not many people support my idea. So better stick back to PC because my job is about PC but my hobby is MAC.

Enjoy a show from Doreamon and Donald Mac.

Just got this Pic from my injured Friend. He is sitting beside driver. And you can see how jialet is the impact to him. He have a long hairline fracture on one of his ribcage bone. Surely need more time to recover. Actually also lucky to him to escape from this accident.

All the best my friend and get more rest.

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