Saturday, July 3, 2010

Learning is a choice

So many people we heard from news that they are young with talent and earn a lot of money. I was wondering is it when the age has pass 30 and nothing is going to happen in life anymore? And you will be fixed in the cruel world?

You think learning is an option? My answer is HELL no! Why you have to look forward for a better salary? Why you have to increase your living standard? But u jus don't wish to increase the power of your UNLIMITED brain? Funny? Most of us did that....

Walking alone in the rain is not a funny thing. Doing so much and get nothing is small case. But worst still, no one appreciate. Yet SORRY this word is jus like a kind of deep breath that out from the mouth. Too many sorry yet too little things done. My point of view? Don't say it if you not going to change. The world.... SUCK!!!! hard!!!!!!

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