Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trust and Freedom

As age goes up, the network of friends has just expanded to the max. And I think that this network will shrink along the way. So what if the other half of you trying to catch up with all the friends that they have? Will you let them go? I mean will you let them go alone? or you will follow them through the whole process?
I will think that by following through is a kind of Romantic that both of them share the joy together. But the main point here is that, did you ever think of the though that your other half have? Will they feel that they have lost their freedom? or just because they are not able to trust their other half?
Now I realize that trust and freedom will have to addin one more thing called "Communication". If a couple will able to tell the truth toward each other on how they feel toward the situation. Will it be nicer to let your other half to really enjoy themselves? Will you just have all your trust on whatever they do when you know that they are going to be fine? Will you stop calling them when they are having their gathering?

Question here is that if your other half having a lot of admirer. Will you get jealous or you have all your trust on them?

I am still having a deep though about this... trying to figure out the balance in between.

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