Monday, July 26, 2010

Moving on Need a lot of courage

Today mark the new chapter in life. Everything seem to be change just like that. My scar during the Tioman trip is in pain now. I don't understand why. Think that is part of my Karma that striking back. I will accept whatever that plan ahead. I know what I am doing. No matter what, I will go to the destination that I wish to go.

Raining day somehow at 6 something but already inside office. Alone for 3 and half hour before the next shift come in. Then received a email from Supervisor that Kenny have to go over to capsquare to help the idiot over there as he fall sick. What the hell is going on? Why people never do anything and fall sick can still keep his fucking job here....? What is going on? In the end I called up supervisor and make up my point that 2 person down and yet you still want 1 more engineer to help out. Am I look like superman? or my salary is 5 digit?

Lucky all my other engineers come in time. We enjoy ourselves around till end of work.

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